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Making Money Easy – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey mate,

Today we got another Success Story from Cindy, who just joined us in Manifesting Mastery this month.  She’s been diving in fast and furious, first with the Feel It Real Power Pack and now MM.

We just love her energy and we just love how her stories just keep getting BETTER AND BETTER because she is diving deep and Following The Formula.

Her story begins with her losing $100 worth of regular income, and it ends with her applying her Feel It Real skills, remaining FAITHFUL to her assumption, and her whole world changing – big time.

Make sure you read her UPDATE at the end…. Because when you Follow The Formula, it keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER!

Let’s dive in with a quote of Neville’s and see what Cindy has been up to:

“So, when you know what you want, remain faithful to that assumption, and the assumption, though at the moment it is denied by your senses, and denied by reason – if you persist in it, it will harden into fact. Are we not told that God calls a thing that is not seen as though it were seen, and then the unseen becomes seen? ” – Neville Goddard

IMG_1750Hey TT and V,

You remember my story about the drunk neighbors I used to clean house for?

Well, this morning as the moving truck pulled away, I got to musing on how, when you Feel It Real with your finances, things ‘always seem to work out’ which I was rock solid on.

Hey, I admit, when I first heard the news (they were moving out), I did pause for a minute or two, thinking about the $100 they regularly paid me every month. But a heartbeat later, it came to me…

“Dig it girl, another bridge of incident, these tenants are going to be gone soon, wish them well and absolutely – you’ll have fabulous new blessings, including money you don’t even expect is coming!! Consider it done..” And so I did, walking in perfect faith.

Though realistically, from the dollars and cents view,there I was, (on the ledger column anyway) still supposedly, “$100 down.” No worries.

This morning’s visit was, as I said, from my friend Bob, who handed me a surprise!  $50 for helping him last week. Making me only “$50 down!” Not bad. Asset column is starting to crank again..

Then, as I was fixing lunch I got an email from another cool neighbor who travels frequently to Nicaragua. He always asks me to look in, water the plants, and pay bills while he is gone.

Last trip, which he made in November, he paid me $100, for about four weeks. His e.mail yesterday says, “Since I am going to be away about 7 weeks this trip, would $200 be acceptable? It’s a comfort knowing you will take care of bills at this end. Let’s meet on Monday and go over everything? Of course, I’ll give you cash..”

Riches of every kind – when we let our human imagination and feeling it real take charge, true? Looks like I’ve recovered profitably…and happily from my ‘financial losses’..


Cindy from Manifesting Mastery

UPDATE: Two Feel It Real Days Later

So anyway after the drunk tenants moving truck disappeared around the corner, yesterday ANOTHER apartment owner Barb, who has recently gone to contract in the house, asked to meet me.

She bought the duplex apartment just below the drunkies old place, and I always used to clean for the people who lived in that space, as well as 3A.

Once the previous owners moved out and the lower premises went up for sale, I forgot about the whole thing.

I assumed the wish fulfilled would create ALL the bucks I needed..even though ‘the facts’ contradicted; they were gone and I ‘was down some money..” Said to myself, “Yo, Nev, we GOT this.  You, me and my human imagination!! Forward, march!!”

So, Barb emails me, and I read this morning, “We understand you do great professional cleaning. The broker wouldn’t stop raving about you. And I don’t want anyone else in my new house except the ‘Den Mother” (one of my many nicknames)..Your energy is so wonderful…Whatever you charge is fine with us…Can I have you come and do a deep dive cleaning..?”

Three hours, @ $25 the hour. And now that Barb lives here, that’s a weekly on a regular day!

Rama lama ding dong!  (WAY TO GO CINDY!)


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  1. Maria says:

    I love ” let my human imagination and feel it real take charge”

  2. Nat says:

    Nice! Love your energy. Thanks for helping me remember that ther are no set-backs – only bridges of incident.

  3. Marilyn Rippee says:

    Absolutely wonderful and entertaining post. Thanks so much for sharing. Gives me new ways to Neville.