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Lost Luggage Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today we are taking a Neville Goddard Success Story that Neville received, and peeking under the hood – because success leaves clues – and those clues can reshape your reality – big time. Let’s dive in.

The story begins with the lady letting Neville know what happened after her luggage (including gifts for her family) was lost after her holiday vacation.

“A week later I received a letter saying that the bag could not be located, and my first reaction was to curse the airline for their negligence; but then I remembered that imagining creates reality.”

Notice the first step she took.  She STOPPED COMPLETELY her first reaction, the temptation to curse the airline.  Remember you can react or you can create. You cant do both at the same time.  Where in your life can you stop reacting to the world and remember the lessons you too have learned from Neville.

“I tried to reconstruct the letter, but when I couldn’t feel its words were true, I began to assume that the bag had arrived at the house. I lifted it up on the bed, opened it, put my clothes away, as well as the gifts which were there. I did this every night and during the day, when I would notice my thoughts going astray.”

Next, she tried to reconstruct the letter, but she couldn’t feel it’s words were true.    Why couldn’t she feel the words of the letter she held in her hands were true?   She made the shift that we love watching our readers and our Manifesting Mastery members make.   She shifted into an absolute knowing that Imagination Creates Reality.

The physical letter gave her the verdict that her luggage was gone.  Her imagination knew the truth – it was found.
Which will you choose to follow today – the physical evidence your senses can touch – or the imaginal act that gives birth to the world you choose to live in?


Notice how she continued to WALK in the state of the wish fulfilled, this is ROCK SOLID GOLD.  Every day she assumed the bag arrived at the house, and she did what she would do – she unpacked it and put it away.

And then it gets even better….

Notice how she continues to walk in the state of the wish fulfilled, when her family members asked her about her situation.  (This is where most people who have not taken the plunge fail.   Notice her faithfulness.   Notice how well it paid off for her in the end.)

“When the grandchildren would ask about their presents, I told them that they were on their way, as I never admitted to anyone that the bag was lost. How could I, if I believe what I had imagined? Six weeks later I received a letter from the airline saying: `If you do not pick up your bag within five days, you will be charged storage.’ I picked up the bag to find everything there, and put them all away, just as I had imagined doing.” Then the lady added this thought: “Love’s labor is never lost. Everything in that bag was loved, and I knew that if this principle was true, it would prove itself in the testing – and it did.”

She never admitted to anyone that the bag was lost.   She told them what she knew was true – it was coming.    And by remaining faithful to the state of her wish fulfilled – and by doing her daily “unpacking sessions” her wish became her reality.

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Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Sigh Willy says:

    This is a good example, and I apply this technique with anything I want to manifest. Whether it be my results from a test (DMV) Lab work, school test, self-healing, etc.. It works with anything I focus on. I use my imagination to materialize whatever it is I am willing to accept and have.. 🙂

  2. Daisy Boo says:

    Best one yet! Solid Gold indeed!

  3. LMARIE says:

    Really great! I am further inspired to live this way….as I begin imagining the next miracle unfolding in my life, as we are ready to move, and find our next new home. It is getting so easy to just claim this life as our way of living, of being, of creating. Thanks!

  4. Dolly says:

    and i lost her grand new Phone ….i loved it like any thing memories and contacts evberything is there…and i had that faith in me that i have got my phone ,, and i have ,,,,if i undo my reality i will