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Lost And Found – Neville Goddard Success Story

“What is it that you have lost? Well, take it in your own mind’s eye and then mentally touch it and mentally appropriate it and feel that you have it, that it is yours now, and remain faithful to that assumption and see if the thing returns. If the thing is recovered, you have proved that you have found Israel (a portion of him anyway) and you know how to take him and clothe him in such tones of reality that you can bring him to the Lord, for the Lord is your own wonderful consciousness.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

The photo says it all. We found it Sunday morning, when we were taking Emmett for a walk.

lost_found_nevilleWe don’t walk Emmett that way everyday, most days .  We usually take him to the dog park first thing in the morning so he can play with other doggies, and so we can talk with other people.

But Friday, we took Emmett for a walk instead in the morning, because our schedule was jam packed, and we couldn’t get him to the dog park until lunch time. That’s when we saw – a lost cellphone, laying in the mud.

It surprised us that it still worked, but it didn’t surprise us that it was locked. We weren’t able to call anyone on it – to find out who it belonged to. That’s when we stopped, became still for just a few moments, and imagined this phone found.

I held it in my hands for about a minute, looking at it, as if I had lost it myself, and now rejoiced in finding it. When the feeling of joy was complete, we placed it on the top of a pile of woodchips nearby the road, and took Emmett home.

Two days later, we found the note. Here’s what’s cool…

We don’t walk that route with Emmett more than once a week, but here we were, taking him on a quick walk, first thing in the morning just two days later, on Sunday, because we were invited out to breakfast, with some of our lovely dog park friends.

And now, we have another lovely Neville Goddard Success Story to share with you. Because to us, “Neville Goddard” is a way of life. Neville taught things a bit differently than other “LOA” teachers. And so do we.  And we think that’s why we’ve got heaps of success stories – from people creating big time change in their lives – people who are just like you.

emmett_bird_feeding_areaManifesting what you want – is only the beginning. Discovering what you are – through manifesting – allows you to be the blessing – just by being you. And all you have to do is dive deep – and Follow The Formula.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria and Emmett

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  1. Joel says:

    Happy Birthday Victoria. I trust your year will be filled with unlimited, unexpected surprises that will totally delight you

  2. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday, Victoria. You and Mr. TT are such awesome people! So great that you saw that person finding his phone.

  3. Nat says:

    Happy glorious birthday Victoria! Health, wealth and happiness to you and your loved ones.
    Big blessings!

  4. Innocent says:

    Happy Birthday V.Much, much, more BLESSINGS!

  5. Paul says:

    Happy Birthday Victoria! Thank you for your continued, wonderful work on freeneville. All my love to you both.

  6. Brian Watson says:

    Happy Birthday Victoria! Big hug from Los Angeles 🙂