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Lisa’s Before and After Success Stories

Hey mate,

We just love sharing success stories like this, especially when we can share more than one story from the same person over time.  You get to watch the growth, the inner shifts, that make living the Neville Goddard lifestyle possible.

Lisa started Manifesting Mastery just over 90 days ago now, and two weeks in, she sent us her Day 14 – Success Story to share.

Now, she’s completed the program, had the most lovely shifts, and successes and is now onto the adventure of a lifetime living the Neville Goddard lifestyle.

  • Notice the calm and the peace in her letter below.
  • Notice the shifts, where she’s gone from trying to manifest “the beginnings” to really KNOWING the end.
  • And imagine what the rest of her life is going to be like, with these amazing shifts in mind.

Let’s dive in with a goodie from the Neville archives.

“So, I ask everyone here to try it. Don’t just listen to it, but try it. You are the operant power; it doesn’t operate itself. And so when I know what I should do, well, then, I do it! Go to sleep tonight. All right, how am I sleeping? In what state of consciousness am I sleeping? As someone who is unwanted?”

“All right, then I’ll rise tomorrow to find myself unwanted. Ignore the facts of life and assume that you are wanted. Ignore the facts of life and assume that you are affluent, and see how things work in your world. It will all come your way.” – Neville Goddard 

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_quote_begin_with_selfHi TT and V and E!

I have loved this course so much!

In the end, I was pleased to see that it ended with a reinforcement of the importance of identity — which is something that I kept feeling from the beginning was the bottom line with me.

I really intend to practice the exercise of looking at something or hearing something and, disregarding my senses, see or hear in real time and in a “life like” manner something different.

Looking at a red cup and seeing it blue. Hearing a piece of music and then intentionally hearing it differently. Same size, same volume, but differently. That’s a great mind stretching experience that I’m looking forward to playing with.  (These are from tiny exercises that stretch and strengthen your imagination – taken from a lesson in MM, and are a great way to exercise the imagination – using something “neutral”.  Try it!)

I really related to this statement: An argument for separation is rooted in the need for specialness. I totally get that.

I also get that if I’ve got the steps but without the attitude — for instance, if on some level, I still believe in power outside, and I don’t fully embody that consciousness is the only cause and nothing means anything except the meaning that I give it — then desired results will be hit or miss, if at all.

And then living from the end. I began to realize that sometimes I haven’t had a clear definition of the END.

Dating is not the end. That is the beginning. The wedding is not the end. That is the middle. The end is looking back on a long, happy, loving marriage in which many happy memories and feeling loved are being celebrated and remembered. Live from the end and look back from there.

Go to the end.

The end is not writing a speech. That is the beginning. The end is not giving a speech. That is the middle. The end is looking back on a video of me speaking and celebrating how amazing the speech went.

Go to the end.

The end is not buying a house. That is the beginning. The end is not decorating the house. That is the middle. The end is reflecting on how wonderful it’s been to have lived here for these many years.

Go to the end.

I think another thing that keeps people from accepting happiness IN THE END is programming that teaches them that struggle is righteous. They only feel like “good people” when they’re struggling and when life is not good. So they fear life being good as meaning that they are not “in the struggle” – and that means something is wrong.

I haven’t had time to check out the Meta-Manifesting link, but I will. I’ve gotten more out of this course than I thought I would, and I plan to listen to it over and over again. I do know that when I listen to things repeatedly, I hear things on each subsequent listen that I didn’t notice before.

Thanks for everything!


La luce splende,
Lisa F. – Now a Manifesting Mastery Graduate!

TT and V note:  We loved all your weekly updates and success stories Lisa, and as you know we could have shared ALL OF THEM.  It was so lovely, getting to know you in the program, and to celebrate your successes.   Big love to YOU!

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