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Lisa’s Manifesting Mastery Success Story

Hey mate,

You are going to love this Neville Goddard Success Story. Lisa has decided to dive in deep, and she’s discovered and experienced the truth about her. She doesn’t have to live with any limitations – based on her past – based on who she has been.

Lisa has taken the time to explore – what really sets the stage – for massive permanent change in life. Let’s dive in and see what she’s discovered in the past 2 weeks with us.

“Assume that you are the loving one you want to be, and notice your reactions throughout the day in regard to that assumption; for your reactions will tell you the state from which you are operating.” – Neville Goddard

“Our seedtime is that moment in time when you and I react to anything in this world. It may be to an object, it may be to an individual, it may be to a bit of news that we have overheard, but the moment of reaction, that emotional response, is our attitude. Our attitudes are the seed times of life, and although we may not remember the seedtime or the moment of response, nature never forgets, and when it suddenly appears in our world…” – Neville Goddard

2015-09-28 08.31.08-1Hi TT and V and E!

I had an interesting “aha” this week (in Manifesting Mastery).

“What would I be and who would I be if there were no past events that could define me?”.

I realized that what I’ve been calling my identity is based on what I’ve been imagining that things I remember “mean” about me. If those things had no meaning, and were simply things I experienced but which had no impact upon my identity, how would that change who I considered myself to be?

My answer is, I would be a playful explorer of the world, creating experiences each day simply for the experience. It would never occur to me that anyone had any power over me or that I had any limits if nothing actually meant anything. It would never occur to me that the troubles of the world or the choices of other people was anything “serious” with a lasting impact on who I am or what I could do. It would simply be an experience, and if I decided to experience something else I would simply turn the page, so to speak. I would just create something else.

There would be no reference point by which to define anything as wrong or for experiencing something as “stressful.” It would simply be either the desired experience or not. My imagination would then be used for creating desired experiences rather than for creating meaning.

This was a profound realization to me, as I began to see that the reason I’ve put so much importance on “why” and the “meaning” of past events is because I’ve been using that meaning as the basis for an identity. If those things have no bearing on my identity, and I simply am because I am, nothing has any power except me. And that’s really a groundbreaking thought.

La luce splende,
Lisa F.- Manifesting Mastery – Day 14

TT and V Note: Can you see why this is rock solid gold?

Almost everyone who is Following The Formula, yet still fails at manifesting – fails because they are still letting their past IDENTITY determine their future.

And Lisa has NAILED these first 2 weeks of Manifesting Mastery, by doing the exercises and noticing – her IDENTITY doesn’t have to be determined – by anything – in her past. She can create herself as who she chooses to be – from this moment forward.

Lisa, we can’t wait to get your next updates! You are a ROCKSTAR!

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