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Letters – What about thanksgiving?

Dear Free Neville,

A huge wish was fulfilled in my life recently. Quite literally, 80% of my life was riding on this one thing happening. It’s a multi-step process to get to the scene I’ve been using of my ultimate wish being fulfilled for this particular thing. One of my core beliefs is to be grateful for the things that happen in my life. Since me and GOD are one, how do you think Neville would suggest a person express the feeling of being grateful if there is no external GOD (the magic vending machine in the sky that most religions promote) to thank?  – Bill

Hi Bill,

We have had several people ask us this question, and it is an important one, because if we “thank God” outside of us – in a way we are creating a separation between God and man.    And as you know, the core of Neville’s teaching is that we are one with God – as the consciousness – human imagination that we truly are.

Personally, we are just “thankful”.  Thankful is a state of being, that not only feels good, but seems to always keep us open to noticing and accepting many blessings.   We don’t have to be “thankful to” anyone or anything specific, just being THANKFUL is enough.   And listen in to this tiny bit of Neville below from The Law Of Assumption – or watch the video.

Notice how fondly and lovingly Neville talks about the HUMAN IMAGINATION. He reminds us that we are the Operant Power, that we truly are ONE with God, and that there is only one cause – to be thankful to. Great reminders, straight from heart. Thank you for emailing mate.

Law of Assumption Introduction – Click here. (Or watch the video below.)

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  1. Gabriela says:

    Hi! since English is not my native language, it is hard for me to understand the original recordings from Neville, so I would like to know if you have transcription of these and where I can find them in your website or if there is a charge to download them.
    Thank you, you are doing a wonderful job.