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Letters To Neville: What one should I be imagining?

“Greetings!  I just discovered Neville and I was wondering what one should I be imagining.  For example, if I want to be a wealthy performer, should I picture myself receiving my Oscar and /or signing a multi-million dollar deal, or should I be picturing the steps leading up to that, like a small role on a film, and when I get that, move to the next level.  I’ve heard that you should picture the end and let God handle the steps, but I would appreciate your input.  Thanks!”

Hey mate,

Seeing FROM the state of already being the wealthy performer is the key.  The scene that implies that you are that man – now.  You could be doing an interview about that, having a conversation with a dear friend, or see yourself writing your autobiography.    The masterkey is to have a SINGLE EVENT in that scene that you keep envisioning until IT feels real – often we use a high five or a handshake with a strong feeling.   Here is a great article we wrote on how to do just that effectively.

Neville Goddard QUOTE – The SINGLE EVENT and the Right Scene

After you read it mate, determine EXACTLY what the THE RIGHT SCENE and the SINGLE EVENT inside your mind is, and have fun.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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