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Letters to Free Neville Goddard – I am in Pain. How can I…

“How can I get the perfect feeling and vision (of the wish fulfilled), when my body is not feeling good at all?”

Hey mate,

When we were reading this email this morning, I stopped for a moment, and constructed a scene in my mind – one that implied that my wish was fulfilled – a scene that implied that I had found the best answer that I could share for this reader, one that would benefit  you too.  The scene I constructed has me and Victoria reading your emails and comments – of thanks and of appreciation.

So I released the seed I had planted inside my mind, and I went about my business.  I went outside to do my daily Tai Ji practice – while listening to a Lecture of Neville Goddard’s on my mp3 player.   Neville shared what I believe to be a powerful message that fits well today, the Powers of Prayer and of Repentance.

“In the bible we speak of prayer, and prayer to the world means begging, but not in the Bible.  It’s thanksgiving, it’s praise – it’s not petition.  We speak in the Bible of repentance, and the world thinks that it means to regret, to be remorseful.  That is not what the Bible teaches.  Prayer and repentance are almost synonymous terms…  The word sin doesn’t have anything to do with breaking any moral code.  The word sin means to miss the mark.  That’s what it means.  You have a goal in life, and you haven’t achieved it, well then you are sinning…   To repent is simply a radical change in attitude.  That is what repentance means….  If I radically change my attitude towards life, I will then view the world and see the world from that change in attitude, and that change is a change in consciousness, and that change will externalize in my world…  For when you are called upon to repent, the story begins.  The kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent and believe the Gospel – believe the good news….   Repent, change your attitude and you have changed the world….      ” – Neville Goddard – Repentance – A Gift From God

You can listen to this entire lecture free, even download it by clicking the next link.  It is from the Neville Goddard In His Own Voice – Spirituality and The Bible.

Go to this page to download or listen to Neville Goddard – Repentance – A Gift From God – Our Gift to you.

This is how we have used today’s lesson, when we are helping those with pain or suffering.

To repent is to turn your back upon the old, and to embrace the new.   To pray is to give thanks – for the new.   When I worked in the nursing home in Pennsylvania, I taught residents how to turn their back on their physical pain and suffering, by going within and meditating and visualizing – so they could create a new world inside their minds.  A new world that was free from their physical suffering and pain, one that gave them new resources and pleasant experiences to draw upon.   Over the months, we talked about how that is a gift of Grace, how we can focus our mind and imagination for a while on something that enriches us – something that removes us from physical pain and also from emotional torture.
 Let us give thanks that we can repent, that it is possible to turn your back on the physical world and that we can to the best of our ability, and simply enter the Kingdom Of God, which is within you.  Sometimes, that is enough for one day.  Sometimes doing only that is what you need to do, before you can come from the state of any other wish fulfilled.   Focus on giving thanks for the IMAGINATION that we truly are, and turning our back on the suffering in our physical body.
Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria
PS:  Another way to REPENT is to REFUSE to enter into any state – that causes you to live with less than what you truly want in life.  Turn your back on the “old you” entirely, and fully embrace the man you choose to be.   Give birth to him, so that you can remember that you are “the Father”.

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