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SECRET STUFF: Let’s Make Manifesting Money Easy – 10 Year Study

Let’s let manifesting money – become much easier – and much faster….

I’m gonna tell you, what I have a HARD TIME, a VERY HARD time doing, in just a moment. But I want to ask you a question, but I DO NOT want you to answer it.

“What do you want?”

(Let’s say for example, it has to do with MONEY. That’s a pretty common one…)

What do you want – when it comes to money?

Let me tell you what I notice – after over 10 SOLID YEARS of keeping track….

Most of the people I hear from, who are having hard times with money and having a HARD TIME FEELING IT REAL for money, are all imagining one thing….

Care to take a guess about what it is?

Go ahead, then read on.

What I notice, very often, those who are HAVING PROBLEMS wIth imagining money ARE IMAGINING – when it comes to money – RELIEF.

Almost EVERYONE, who I hear from, who is having problems “manifesting money” is trying to imagine – RELIEF – from money problems – money stress – monthly bills. (That’s worth repeating.)

Now, I’ll be very open here….

I had HEAPS of problems, CONSISTENTLY having “money manifestations, when I was imagining in ANY WAY – RELIEF from problems.

But what works for me – and what I notice works EASY for most people I work with is either…


(Enjoying having it, making it, taking it, giving it, living with it.)


(Making good FUN decisions. Investing. Not feeling STUPID with money.)

  • BTW, did you notice what I didn’t bring up?
    I didn’t bring up DOLLAR AMOUNTS.
  • I didn’t bring up HOW they got money.
  • I didn’t focus on THE MONEY….


Today’s Take Away: You don’t have to take my word for it. Just notice.

Most people DON’T LIKE imagining having enough money to make it through the month, then feeling RELIEF. Doing that, implies you might have to do it AGAIN, next month.

THAT seems to lead to MADNESS!

For some reason, “the wise productive use of money” shows up here….


Keep reading…. CLICK HERE!

How To Create Financial Freedom – Free Neville Goddard

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