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Hey mate,

Today we are going to explore “the lesson of the ducks”. But first, to set the stage so you use this lesson to manifest MUCH more effectively, let’s start here.

What I notice as a Full Time Manifestor is that I can always tell if someone is Feeling It Real effectively when I ask them to do it with me. It’s easy to tell because they actually FEEL it, and feeling it causes their breathing to change.

Take Away #1: Notice if your breathing changes.

If they keep the feeling of the state they want to live from once they open their eyes, how they sound when they speak is different than it was before. It’s deeper. More grounded. More energized. And if they continue to Feel It Real, WHAT they say, what they ask and what they do -their behavior – changes.

Take Away #2: Notice if you body’s behavior changes.

In summary, when they feel it real, they become more alive, less of a drag, more fun to be with.  Now for the lesson of the ducks.  Let’s dive in with the words of Neville.

“Start from the premise, I am all imagination and I pass through states, for eternity (all things) exist now!” – Neville Goddard

It was windy this morning in Melbourne. And the ducks we feed every day were a bit spooked. I was tossing feed out in the grass for them, and they were all staying back, watching, waiting. Living in hesitation. Holding their breath. I kept tossing feed, and they still remained stuck – until ONE DUCK started making a break for it. And as soon as they saw him, they all started running, they all came to life.  They all got fed.

This brings us again to the truth about you, and the truth about your body.

“You annexed your physical body for the experiences you are now having, but you are not the body you wear. The day will come when you will awaken to this fact. Then, like Proteus, you will assume any shape for the part you want to play.” – Neville Goddard

That first duck that moves when you Follow The Formula is your body. That first duck (your body) is not you.  Your body is part of the universe, and if you get this and if you are imagining effectively enough for “the universe to move” according to your wishes – your body will move – shift – first. And the rest of the universe (the other ducks) will follow.

If you are Following The Formula, you’ll notice it in your breathing. You’ll notice it in the words you say. You’ll notice it in the questions you ask. You’ll notice it in the change in your body’s behavior. Because all of that – is part of the universe.

“Whether you are rich or poor, you retain the same individual identity when you move from one state into another. If you are not on guard, you can be persuaded by the press, television, or radio, to change your concept of self and unwittingly move into an undesirable state. You can move into many states and play many parts, but as the actor, you do not change your identity. When you are rich, you are the same actor as when you are poor. These are only different parts you are playing.” – Neville Goddard

It’s time for you to start playing a different part. So today we invite you to one of three life changing experiments with us.  We are going to ask you to follow the formula at a whole new level – because we know this is how you get all the happiness, wealth, and love that you deserve.


Neville says if you are not on guard that you can be persuaded by the press, television or radio to change your concept of self in a way that moves you into an undesirable state.   That’s easy to notice.   How many of you have friends and relatives that listen all day to talk radio and television?   How’s that working for them?

Here is what to do about eliminating that life sucking influence.

  • Phase One:  Reduce or better yet ELIMINATE all that baloney from your life. Stop passively absorbing what the culture is feeding you.
  • Phase Two:  Dive into Neville. Dive into one or more of these programs and FEED the real you.

Our ebook Freedom will set you back about $7.   That’s the price of a crappy pizza or a Happy Meal. There are 75 “mini” lessons in it that that will rock your world.  In Freedom, we took ONE lecture of Neville’s and explored it for over 40 hours to create this ebook.   I guarantee you’ll get way more than $7 bucks worth of transformation out of it if you dive into it.  (Plus you get some goodie audios of Neville as a free bonus gift with it.)

The Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack gives you 60 written lessons on Neville’s approach to prosperity and wealth.   Plus you get a few hours of me sharing my personal insights on each of the lessons on mp3 that you can listen to anywhere.   Plus a few more bonuses that will rock your world.

And if you want to DIVE DEEP, do the 90 Manifesting Mastery Program – Click Here.   Every day you get a special lesson and quick recording that will in the fastest way possible move you through the Mental Minefield that’s been blocking your blessings, as well as make absolutely sure you are learning Neville Goddard EXACTLY right, so you can recreate your world.   Read the testimonials, and then ask yourself if it’s worth a buck or so a day for the next 90 days to rock your world.   Read the testimonials.   It works.

And that’s it for today.   Why did we write this post like this today?

We are tired of watching people struggle, searching and scanning Facebook for the next new trick. We want to end your struggle today.   Struggle is tough.   And struggle is TOTALLY unnecessary.   You are one with God.   Scripture says you are made in the image of God.   Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you, and that you are “sons of the living God”.    And we know this, and we know you deserve the best of the best.

So eliminate your excuses.  Dive in.     Recreate your world.  We love you.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


Hi TT and V;

I am going through the Manifesting Mastery course for the second time, and find it much richer than even before… no doubt because of my additional “depth” and growth…. to allow more in and assimilate more.

I listened to Victoria’s story about her friend, long lost and recovered…. and when I heard this story the first time, I remember it cause my dear, long lost very special friend Anja to Pop Up in my head and heart. She disappeared, quick responding – years ago, without any understanding of what had happened between us. Over the years I reached out to Denmark, and caught her husband but not her. I know this is true because I lived there for a long time and that dear boy does NOT answer the phone unless he is the only one there. AND, I had to use a calling card which would cover any blocked number etc….

So, I was increasingly light hearted and inviting over these years as I deeply, truly returned only to the genuine affection I have for this amazing woman, and long ago let go of any stories I could make up in my ind to try to figure it out.

So I am listening to Victoria’s story, soap and had written cards…. and Anja reached out in Skype. Just now.

Beautiful. We are so connected.

My work with you, my “work” with you, my thinking of you, my sharing with you, my learning with you….opening me up, all. I love you both so much.

Thank you again for the Manifesting Mastery course. Now I am going to listen to the rest of the story…


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  1. dave says:

    Awesome courses, have gone throughmuch of TT and V’s material, find their simplification of Neville. I strongly recommend investing in the Mastery Program and take control of your universe and stop living in someone elses. This material has manifested life changing events that had really helped me grow personally and professionally. Thanks TT & V, blessings to you all!

  2. mandy says:

    Hi 2020,
    I’m gradually putting to a halt reading on internet ads about so called mind tricks/systems to get what we want ,which come in abundance ..if not in line with Neville’s I ignore them..

    Neville’s still tops…

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Dave!

    I’ve been thinking about you heaps today mate for some reason.

    The markets must be moving.

    Enjoy the ride!

    TT and V too

  4. AtomicA says:

    Not only are you feeling it real, TT and V. You both are genuinely the only ones keepin’ it real. To my rays of sunshine, TT and V, I absorb your wisdom every day, and I thank you.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings to you AtomicA

    You are why we are here.

    Big love!

    TT and V

  6. Dennis says:

    Wow, thats really cool! I never took much notice to HOW my body changed when I did my sessions. I knew it felt better, just didn’t notice my breathing getting deeper and more pronounced and my body feels light and buzzing, of course I’m putting myself in a totally different place and situation so that makes sense! Apparently, I’m doing it correctly now. I’ve reworked my FIR session on a particular issue a few times now, based on your articles, this one totally feels natural now and Im able to actually put myself there. This last few days Ive felt its done, with no second guessing.
    Also, thanks for the advice on incorporating your Apache Scout book, it’s really good stuff!
    You guys are really the only experts of Neville that I’ve found and you’re always accessible when we run into issues. I truly appreciate everything you do! Blessings!

  7. Llisa says:

    Beautiful Lesson – about the ducks and what comes through first…. what moves…and then I was doubly surprised to find my own emailed letter there to you guys.
    It feels like (true) family to me, you guys do – and the folks who really dive in, read, ponder, respond and share.
    Grateful for us all.