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Leigh’s Manifesting Mastery Testimonial – Free Neville Goddard

Note:  Below is a recent email we got from Leigh, who just finished the 90 Day Manifesting Mastery Program.

Hey 20 and Victoria,

Bittersweet session on Sat as I have so loved participating in the (90 Day) course but definitely, happily, feels like a beginning rather than an end. I will use these techniques for the rest of my life.

I have learned so much from this course – most importantly and for the first time in all the time I have been looking at this type of work, I really ‘got’ some fundamental key concepts/principles and more importantly applying them to my life has made such a profound difference in the short time I have been working with you two – due to the way you present and relate them to life so effectively.

Thanks to you, I find I have become a ‘doer’ rather than just a ‘hearer’ using a Neville term and I feel like I am bringing my power home (you say that I know and I finally feel like I am doing it – feels priceless!)

Most of all 20 and Victoria – these processes are fast and easy, don’t have to be precise and are very forgiving – they have helped me relieve a world of self-inflicted pain due to me not knowing any better – now armed with understanding I apply them daily and feel so excited about the rest of my life.

Happy days and heartfelt thanks for all your love, help and support while we fumbled and/or triumphed through this – you both have given us the equivalent of Aladdin’s lamp – the means to shape our lives, forever. How do you thank someone for that?

Infinite blessings both of you and I am sure I will continue to work with both of you. Thanks too for sharing your lives with us – I have enjoyed hearing about your wonderful mud brick house, cottage, garden and the plants, ducks, kookas and maggies living there as well as your cars and chip and the cement mixer. Makes it all real and relatable.

Talk soon,

Leigh (WA)

Your material has I believed saved my spirit and my sanity – I had made some pretty drastic changes in work and lifestyle I the last 2 years because I didn’t want to continue down a path that felt so wrong to me and was looking for a way to take back the ability to steer my life instead of washing up on the rocks repeatedly – your 90 day program (and the others too) gave me that and I can’t describe what that means to me.

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