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Learn Manifesting From The Man Who Taught Wayne Dyer

“I found  you because I wanted to learn manifesting from the man who taught Wayne Dyer.  Dr Dyer’s book, Wishes Fulfilled was great, but I wanted to go straight to the source, and I am so glad I found your site Mr Twenty Twenty.  Learning from you and Neville Goddard has changed my life, brought my dreams into my reality, and has given me a new lease on life.  Thank you.” – Bryon


Thank you for visiting us here at – It is a pleasure to give you the works of Nevile Goddard, in easy to understand, everyday language.  In addition to your FREE MANIFESTING COURSE – You can download for free 221 of Neville’s Original Lectures – and also download for free 4 or more Neville Goddard Audios each month.  Our gift.

Dr Wayne Dyer gave the works of Neville to…

…. each of his eight children, who found them hard to understand and confusing – just like many first time visitors to the site.  That is why we have dedicated our lives to giving you the most comprehensive site in the world, where you can learn the teachings of Neville, in words that anyone can understand, at a price than anyone can afford.

Your habits determine your destiny.

I bet if you make it a habit of reading just one of our short articles a day, you will watch your world transform in the most wonderful ways!

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Once you do that, you can also download 221 ORIGINAL lectures of Neville’s, free of charge, and you will also know every single time we update the site, and give away more lectures and lessons for free.

“We just love you!  Your daily gifts are like having my own personal manifesting coach and trainer!” – Lisa

While you are here, make sure you read the SUCCESS STORIES section we have on the site, and as you learn more and more about the unique methods of Neville Goddard, stop once in a while and enjoy one of our Coffee Club Videos too.

It is a pleasure to serve you, and if you have ANY manifesting questions, feel free to email us at

Many blessings,

TT and V at

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  1. Sally says:

    I thought Wayne Dyer was connected with Ernest Holmes. In fact I booked Dyer into the Holmes lecture program when I was active with Science of Mind. I never heard anything from Dyer that reminded me even remotely of Neville. Perhaps you have other current speakers to recommend Neville, although, in my mind,he needs no one other than himself and his teaching. Why have Neville ride on another’s coat tails when no one can surpass or even match his depth and effeciveness?

    My best to you, Mr. T. You do a wonderful job capturing Neville’s essence.


  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Sally.

    Dyer refers to Neville as his mentor, that’s why we shared it.

    And you are right, Neville is totally at his own level and doesn’t need to ride on anyone’s coat tails.

    Blessings and thank you for being here.

    TT and V

  3. would like to know more … please send me more info about it to

  4. Hey mate. We would love to, but the only we we can is for you to fill in the box at freeneville dot com – That's the rules of the game. Blessings!

  5. Mia says:

    Can anyone suggest an article(s) with instructions for “me” to help a family member who is in need of help(currently in a state of being in and out of trouble, financially unstable, etc.).

    Thank you very much.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Thanks soo much Mr.TT and V:) i’ve found your website today..what a blessing..I’m not new to manifesting..but today i was attracted to more Neville audios on youtube and thankfully i saw the link to your website.. and downloaded your free resource..WOW..lots of goodies here:)I will look forward reading your articles on your site and all the pdf books this summer. All the best and thanks again,

  7. Rich says:

    Thanks for offering all your Neville Goddard info. The impact on all who read and are ready for it is amazing. The World need his help.