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LB gave herself a $32,000 raise in Manifesting Mastery!

“Tonight, know what you want and go right in and occupy it. Don’t ask anyone’s permission; just put yourself into the state you desire to experience by asking yourself this question: “How would I feel if I saw the world from that state?” Do you KNOW you can put yourself into any state?” – Neville Goddard

Good day, Twenty Twenty and Victoria…

I certainly hope all is well with you and the pups! I must take time out to thank you both for all that you do to help others’ lives, including my own life, so much better.

Several months ago, I began the Manifesting Mastery program…

…which has been extremely helpful. In addition, I got the Prosperity Pack, which reinforced what I’d learned in MM and gave me a targeted approach in creating a better life, financially, than the one I was experiencing then.

In August 2017, I felt an urge to write a proposal to…

…become Marketing Director at my employer. At the time, I was Executive Assistant/Marketing Specialist. I’d been working assisting the CEO and doing marketing for the company. There was no full-time dedicated marketing person on staff. I saw the need and went after it as an opportunity. I turned the proposal in to the CEO and Vice Presidents who I’d potentially be working with if my offer was accepted.

They all gave my proposal consideration…

…and after providing a targeted six-month plan, supporting documentation of the salary that I’d proposed, doing FIR sessions, and living “as if” for as often as I could think about it… I GOT THE NEW POSITION!

Effective January 1, 2018, I became Director of Marketing with a salary of $100,000 annually.

I started at that organization in April 2015 as Executive Assistant/Marketing Specialist with an annual salary of $68,000. In March 2017, my salary was increased to $73,500. Then, in January 2018, promoted to Director of Marketing at $100,000 (and I love my job!!!). I was so excited because I did what Neville taught.

For years, I struggled. I never thought I’d get to $100,000…

…(may sound odd to some, but from the mindset I had, I did). Nevertheless, I must highlight that, when I felt the urge to take action, I took that inspired action. All the while, feeling it real. I felt as though I was already Marketing Director, as though I was already receiving that six-figure salary, as though all my bills were being paid, as though I enjoyed my work… whenever I could remember to think about feeling those things real, I did.

I went from being worried about bills to feeling not a concern at all!

(Admittedly, worry does try to come every now and then, but I realized that it was a habit of having that mindset before… When worry tries to come up, I quickly squash the thought by turning to another thought. That works every time.)

Why worry anyhow? Things always worked out. Hear this… Before receiving the new position, even when I’d feel the struggle last year, for example, I must admit that, I would get part-time consulting work “out of the blue” from entrepreneurs who sought my expertise. Honestly, I didn’t FIR everyday and didn’t do sessions twice everyday… and yes, I would get discouraged from time to time because of how I viewed my financial situation, but when I would remember, “Hey, I am wealthy…all my needs are met.” I’d feel “as if” it was all true right then and there. I had to keep reminding myself, and I continue to do that now to expand even more.

I just wanted to share my story to encourage others…

…to keep going and not feel bad if they’re not doing the FIR sessions absolutely everyday. It’s critical to walk “as if,” as though you already are where you desire to be, right now–as much as you can remember to do so. It’s my hope that people do try it and see, as Neville said. FIR does work… just buy the pearl. Old thought patterns spring up, but as much as you can remember, change the thought to something else. The tools, like “revision” and “I remember when,” help with that. Also, I hope that my story reinforces the support of your teachings.

Thank you and Victoria so much. You are welcome to share my story. (Please use my initials, “L.B.,” for privacy.)

LB in Manifesting Mastery

TT AND V NOTE:  We love you and your success story LB!  It is such a gift to us to be a part of your transformation and success!  Blessings to you!  Looking forward to your NEXT update too!

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