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Lana’s Super Share – with BONUS LESSONS!

“Until imagination becomes a part of your normal, natural currency of thought, you will not act consciously.”

“Like breathing, this awareness must become so much a part of you that you will not turn to the left or the right to praise or blame anyone.”

“When you know this presence it will not matter if you started life behind the eight-ball, or in a palace; as a poor, or a rich child; you will realize that life is always externalizing what you are imagining.” – Neville Goddard

Dear TT and V,

This first week in MM was even BETTER than I had expected it to be!

In the vast world of distractions and confusing teachings I used to buy into before, I have finally managed to focus my attention on the most important basics – observing my reactions, the way I give meaning to all kinds of stimulants from the echo of past imaginings, the way I’m automatically fast to assume so many ideas and conclusions that slow me down in fully living the life I want.

TT and V note: Neville teaches you are imagining – morning – noon – and night.

And until you NOTICE just how much you are imagiing what goes against what you actually want – you can’t stop it. This is why Week 1 – sets the stage for MASSIVE MANIFESTING – and WHY Lana is getting so much GOLD from the course.


I’ve learned and disciplined myself to refrain from assigning any meaning to what I see, hear, or even sense emotionally…and especially the negative meanings. It’s easy to see now that I always have a choice, which implies (at least to me) that – I am never powerless. I really am the one who is giving life to my experiences and now I am entirely aware that I can choose better. My mind feels lighter and clearer. I can control my thinking, acting and feeling better without doing it like a control freak.

TT and V note: In just SEVEN DAYS, Lana is FEELING THAT in her WHOL LIFE!  “I am never powerless.”  Actually FEELING THAT, in just SEVEN DAYS.   You can’t imagine what that means to us, when we read Lana’s emails.   We know where she is going – because we see how she is growing.   (And Week 2 in the course, is gonna AMP THAT UP – big time.”) 


I’ve found that in many ways and arenas of life, I have been assuming things take a lot of time to be realized, that some processes or paths to the ends I want will be hard work and difficult to endure, also that I would have to fight with some sort of enemies – usually people who annoy me or even the bureaucracy. It’s funny that even the slightest so called ‘positive motivational quote’ that you might have read a long time ago can be instilled into your mind and make you act like ”someone who needs to prove that no one can break him”. Gonna pay attention as to what kind of information and content I entertain way more from now on.

TT and V note:  Get the ROCK SOLID GOLD that Lana just shared?  

She was imagining – what she desired would be hard work, difficult…   We notice ALMOST EVERYONE has that HIDDEN PROGRAMMING wreaking havoc in their lives….   The GOOD NEWS IS….   We get under that – and eliminate it.


I have also noticed how I have been settling for ‘second best’ or something ‘close’ – only because I accepted my parents’ fears and their ideas of safety and security (especially in the biz and job area). I realized that was because I didn’t want to disappoint them and because I wanted THEIR approval. But that was all me so no blame on them.

TT and V note:   We’ll be taking that apart later in the course, in so many lovely way cool ways.  Sounds like you ready to rock and roll Lana!


So much noticing these days, sometimes confronting old catastrophic imaginings and projections was a bit uncomfortable – but it was extremely freeing. Revising on the spot is a must now, so letting the negative cycles continue is no longer an option even. Revising the times when I started giving debilitating and self-sabotaging meanings to events, other people’s words and actions and all kinds of other stuff has also become my new habit. It can sure free a lot of space in the disc of your mind so you can start uploading much much better imaginings.

TT and V note:   Such good fun!  Wait till you see how we used Revision in the middle of the course Lana, to get tickets to ANOTHER sold out show, just like how Neville did!  GOLD!   You’ll be doing that next!

“Thank you so much for this wonderful course and I’m looking forward to dialing it up to other courses made by you.”

Imagining most lovingly for both of you.

Greetings from Croatia!

Lana S. in Manifesting Mastery

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PS:  Thank you very much for your fast reply. 🙂

Yes, of course, feel free to share the feedback on the site – it will be of use as a testimony and maybe give people hints as to what they can apply as well.

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