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Kristin’s Manifesting A Lovely Man Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

This Feel It Real Success Story is ACE.

What we want you to notice is how Kristin went from forcing things to happen, to FLOWING with what she REALLY wanted.

And notice how she used Revision, I Remember When and how she imagined what would IMPLY her wish has been fulfilled, and how she simply remained faithful – without force.

We just LOVE getting your emails like this.

Let’s dive in with this Neville Goddard Quote:

“And if you will remain faithful to your new awareness, it will crystallize. You will find yourself moving across a series of events which will lead you to the fulfillment of your desired state. How it will come about I do not know. I only know it will unfold.” 

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quote_faithfulHi TT and V,

You may recall my earlier emails to you in Manifesting Mastery that I was manifesting a relationship.

I was certain I wanted to be with a particular man I had been dating and you suggested I live in the end of being a married woman.

I did some Revision and things did improve with him to a degree. And then around the holidays I was still Revising and I grew tired. I pretty much got tired of trying to revise things with him. New Year’s Eve came and I was sad.

The next day I changed my approach to a very casual wouldn’t it be nice to meet a nice man who loves to do all kinds of things. A man who just loves me and things are easy.

“Now I didn’t do many sessions and there was no obsession. I also did some I Remember When I was single and had a lot of free time.”

“And I would imagine hearing my friends talk about me being happy with a nice man.”

Also since I tended to be attracted to men that don’t adore me, I went back to all major male relationships starting with my father and every man I ever dated. I Revised each one and changed the story where I hear them telling me they loved me unconditionally.

“It was all very casual and no effort. And almost instantly – less than a week – I met a man through a friend.”

manifesting_love_neville_goddardHe loves to do all kinds of things and he simply adores me. He says he loves how I want to do so many things !!!!

I am now in a committed relationship with a mature and caring gentleman!

I can not even believe how it has all flowed and how comfortable it all feels. I am so happy and love him more every day.

I’m in shock!

“I can’t believe how well this all works when I stop getting in the way obsessing about the how’s, the when’s and the who’s.”

Now to work on my financial goals!

Thank you!

Kristin from Manifesting Mastery (Day 77)

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