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Kerry’s – Just A Few Weeks Later – Speedy Success Story

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_quote_dareGreetings TT and V,

Today is such an awesome day, because I finally get to share with you my success story. I am literally having goosebumps as I am writing this.

In February you shared a success story written by David. I was so inspired by David’s civil lawsuit success story, that I decided to use his exact feel it real technique for my scenario.

I can’t believe how quickly all of this transpired (1 month) once I began to FEEL IT REAL. I have been studying the FEEL IT REAL lessons and META MANIFESTING and had small successes here and there, but not until I read David’s story it really really resonated with me, I began to live in my dreams.

This all started from me trying to figure out a way to financial freedom and getting back a SPECIFIC lover. So I decided to create a scene, that I was writing a wonderful success story to you. In fact not just one success story, but several to come.

The scene felt so real to me, I could hear the keyboard tapping and I could feel the excitement of hitting the Send button. I even heard you and Victoria congratulating me “Good one!!!” for my story and proving that the formula works.

Once I created a scenario in my head of the dream being realized, only a few weeks later the dream started to kick into full gear. Remember, I wanted a specific guy, I was tired of his hot and cold attitude and wanted marriage.

However I was not getting anywhere with him, and remembered when Neville spoke about wanting “that man or no man”. I then began to just feel loved, full of love and that I was already in a loving relationship with my husband. I had let it go, and trusted that it didn’t have to be “that man”.

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_2_questionsOnly a few weeks later, the love of my life showed up, and the events that took place of how we met up were so natural, so effortless and truly something I could not make up even if I had imagined.

He is certainly not the SPECIFIC guy I wanted in the past, but this man has more of the qualities that I would ever want. I literally feel like I am living in a dream, and living in the dream feels just as real and even better than the dream. He is the one!

My story doesn’t end here, because I am currently FEELING IT REAL for more success stories to report. I am imagining multiple streams of income, a good life and more success in all areas. This one major story has only been a building block to boosting my confidence in knowing I can easily create my world.

Please as always feel free to share my story, and I know it would be on help to others as David’s story has been to me.

I love love love all that you do, the Neville teachings, the formulas, the videos, the success stories, everything! Which helps us to create better lives.

One Love

Kerry from MM
Jamaica W.I.

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