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Karen’s Neville Goddard – Wow This Really Works – Success Story

Hey mate,

We just LOVE when we get letters from MM members and readers who dive in, who follow the formula, and who DECIDE to have Success Stories – just like ours and just like Neville’s.

Karen sent us this one this past week, it’s short, and sweet, and it shows what happens, when you stop mucking around and GO FOR IT.

Let’s begin with a little story Neville shared, back in 1956…

“In your office, does the boss act in a rude way towards you? Well then what would it be like if he now saw in me the lady, the helpful person that I really am, or want to be. Suppose he saw in me someone he could praise for my work and raise me in the salary world, give me an increase in salary because of my added effort; suppose he could see that in me, well, contemplate the boss seeing that in you as though he saw it and rewarded you with an increase.”  – Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quote_you_desire_them_to_beHey TT and V,

My largest client is one of the top 5 attorneys in the state.  He can get a little difficult especially when he’s having company over for dinner.

Not only is he hosting a dinner this Sunday, he has the entire law firm coming over next weekend!

Knowing what was coming down the pike, I polished and shined the formal dining room.  It sang!!!  He was pleased but I was more pleased.  Like I said he can be a bit difficult.

If you say what a beautiful blue sky he might say it isn’t blue its greenish blue…  Ok, so I took him as a test case.

I put myself in an encounter where he praised me and told me how much of a great help I am.

So, today I was over at his house and he left a note listing some extra tasks.  Normally no biggie, but I knew what my to-do list was filled.  I told my self “no biggie” and did the extras.  Rain started pouring and I continued to clean the house.

His wife Karen called and asked a favor:  She had left Opera tickets for this evening at home, could I possibly deliver them downtown.  I grumbled but did it.  On my way downtown I laughed and realized again it was no big deal.

When I got near the restaurant they were eating dinner at I called Chris, my client, and he met me outside while I was pulled over so I didn’t need to park.

Now this is the good part:  he said:  “you are an angel!”  “we truly appreciate your helping us out tonight.”  He then grabbed my hand and blew me a kiss!  Never has he done that.

Driving away I started laughing and couldn’t stop!  WOW!

Thank you for what you do.  You are such a help.

Karen S. – Manifesting Mastery

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