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“Make a pledge to yourself that you will live by your imagination, for God has promised that you can assume a state and it will become a fact in his words: Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.” – Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_persistence_neville_goddardHi TT and V!

Back in January, I emailed you regarding my career situation. I hold a degree in Human Nutrition, and wanted to further my studies in sports nutrition.

What I enjoy most – and wanted to make a career of – was writing; reaching people in an engaging manner. I wanted to improve their knowledge and give them motivation to achieve their goals, but with the most up-to-date scientific research instead of the latest diet “fad.”

You advised that I conduct my sessions, imagining that requests from magazine companies and other, prospective clientele were frequently taking up residence in my inbox. 😉

I emailed you whilst on holiday, and so I visualised this from my sun-lounger. I pretended that I could go anywhere in the world and write from anywhere in the world, should this be my job.

I also told you that I was miserable in my 9-5. Although my job was in my field of choice, my boss was money oriented and lacked passion for his products and potential services. You told me to stick with it, as this could be part of the “unfolding” of events.

Flash forward to March; I have acquired a small, “pocket money” writing job for a digital magazine, but I’m still employed. Then, I leave my job because during an impromptu meeting with my boss, he’s hungover and loses his head, swears at me and undermines me in front of other staff. So I walk. What seems like a bad situation leads to this: my ex boss from the company (who was treated in a very similar way and was pushed out) hears about my situation. He offers me a job with his thriving company. I turn it down as it’s impractical for me to relocate. I apply for a paid writing job and I don’t get it.

Sounds bad so far, yes? Well keep with me! I tell my ex boss how I’d love to work for him, so he speaks to his team, and I show him writing samples (from the “pocket money” magazine job), and guess what? The head of the team LOVES my work and wants me on board ASAP. I get offered a contract to work for them FROM HOME. I’m classed as self-employed but I receive a regular income that’s almost what I was on before but for HALF the hours!!!!!

I can now pay the bills and do what I love whilst my business grows and I attract more writing work. PLUS, the company is like my old place but they have passion and drive for what they do – the missing ingredients from my last place!

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_pledgeTHERE’S MORE!

I also make whole food desserts with all the “nasties” taken out – the sugar and so on. They’re suitable for diabetics, vegans etc. I loved making them, but I lacked the time, resources and guidance.

Since I lost my job, I was suitable for enrolment into a government funded, three day, business course. I now have a mentor, a grant and a business plan. The wonderful man who offered my my writing contracts now knows I have time to get my cake business running alongside my writing job!


Both of the above, would not have been possible if it weren’t for losing my job! Proof that we don’t always know HOW our desires will manifest! I visualised back in January, then I forgot about it. Low and behold… my desire manifested in the best possible way!!!!

Please share my story if you want to!


Sending love,

Beth Z.

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