Just 18 Days in MM and I’ve Manifested THREE LUMP SUMS of Money!

“Let me tell you of two ladies who came to my meetings, one here on the West Coast and the other in New York City. Both ladies were financially embarrassed. They had no money and no one to turn to. All I asked them to do was assume the feeling of financial security.”

“One lady immediately began to search for the feeling of security. Every day she imagined having all the money she needed to take care of her desires. Then one day she visited a friend, where she met a man she had known intimately 30-odd years ago. When he learned she was penniless, he set up a trust fund for her, providing her with more than she needed to live graciously.”

“When the other lady heard the story she, too, began to assume she had plenty. She told me that in the matter of one week, money began coming in. What did they do? They used their human imagination.” – Neville Goddard – Lesson 27 of 59 – Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack

Hi TT & V!

I’m on day 18 of Manifesting Mastery but I forgot to send my Day 14 update! The last 2 weeks have been great. This time around I notice how much calmer I am. And I have sooooo much energy. I remember you mentioning that when you notice triggers and get in control how you have so much more energy to manifest wildly.

So last week I literally received 3 different lump sums of money!

My mother in law had already bought me an early Christmas gift but was compelled to send me money. Money that was owed to me also came. And unexpectedly my sons grandfather decided to send a monetary gift. This came because I did need the funds but I just FIR like the ladies in the story with Neville.

I kept the feeling of all I desire is already taken care of. And just like that money flowed in from sources I didn’t even think of.

Great first 2 weeks! Speak to you soon!

PS of course you can use this if you decide to.

Candace in Manifesting Mastery

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PS: Legal Stuff – Would you believe the US Government wan’s us to tell you something like “Results aren’t typical”. Personally, I’d love to know what a “typical result” is, because from what I can tell – when YOU change – your life changes. And most people DAYDREAM instead of change. So, here we go, “results not typical” and “your life might even get worse or a boogie man might eat your cheetos if you do what Candace did. From what I can tell, it’s all REALLY up to you, but that’s a very different story – one I choose to live by. GO GO GO!

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