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Join us for – FEEL IT REAL FUN LIVE – Episode 222 – “How to EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY stay in the state of your wish fulfilled!” (This is how I manifested my BMW in less than 72 hours!

TT and V,

I wanted to send an update. Manifesting Mastery continues to be wonderful.

When feeling the state of the wish fulfilled, I am shutting out the evidence of my senses.  Yet, conventionally i do not know that my wish has been fulfilled until I look to the evidence of my senses.

At what point do I embrace the evidence of my senses?


Upon further contemplating the question, I realized what it came down to was about where my “validation” comes from or my “identity”.

We start off:  I am (internal state) because I am (internal state).

Then immediately:  I am (internal state) in spite of (external circumstances).
This isn’t an affirmation but a description of what we are experiencing.

Once our external circumstances match our internal state of the wish fulfilled it is:  I have (external circumstances) because I am (internal state).
Not:  I have validated my (internal state) because I have experienced (external circumstances).

It is the difference between the internal state having primacy and being the end in itself, and the opposite: looking to the external as a means to confirm our internal state.  The internal state IS the real.


“The suicide of Judas is nothing more than changing your concept of yourself. When you know what you want to be you have found your Jesus or savior. When you assume that you are what you want to be – you have died to your former concept of self (Judas committed suicide) and are now living as Jesus.”

“You can become at will detached from the world round about you, and attached to that which you want to embody within your world… From this moment on you walk as though you were that which you formerly wanted to be. Remaining faithful to your new concept of yourself, you die or commit suicide. No one took your life, you laid it down yourself.”

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