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Jerry’s Day 14 Success Story – Manifesting Mastery

Hey mate,

We just love when we get the opportunity to peek under the hood, and notice what’s REALLY going on.

Jerry sent us this letter on his 14th day of Manifesting Mastery. Notice the SHIFTS he makes on the inside – in italics – and how they big time have changed his reality.

Let’s dive in.

“We claim that the world is a manifestation of consciousness, that the individual’s environment, circumstances and conditions of life are only the out picturing of the particular state of consciousness in which that individual abides. Therefore, the individual sees whatever he is by virtue of the state of consciousness from which he views the world. Any attempt to change the outer world before he changes the inner structure of his mind, is to labor in vain. Everything happens by order. Those who help or hinder us, whether they know it or not, are the servants of that law, which constantly shapes outward circumstances in harmony with our inner nature.” – Neville Goddard


So It’s day 14.

I’ve definitely taken to the time to be aware of the people around me. It’s so fun having conversations with people without putting meaning on whatever it is there saying to me.

I’ve also realized how much people love talking about themselves. It something I’ve always noticed being a loner since I was 10, but this was the first time I FELT people talking about themselves.

TT and V Note:  These to “tiny” shifts – are actually quite massive – and are exactly what the first 2 weeks of MM is designed to do.  When you experience shifts like these (and the other shifts the course is designed to give you) you free up heaps of ENERGY AND ATTENTION – which are what we need heaps of to manifest effectively.

I was kidding around with one of my buddies last night at my house warming party. We talked about how growing up, girls wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot poll and how it’s residual affects on my confidence around women is nothing to be trifled with. We laughed at how ridiculous of a notion that was and how I am a catch.

I explain I love self-depricating humor because it keeps me humble and in check. We then get interrupted by my roommate who yells “Jerry, you’re a fucking asshole you know damn well women love you.” Get your ass out here.

I follow her through our house guest till she stops in front of one of the most beautiful women – person – humans I have ever seen. I’m introduced to her (Rebecca). I am so beside myself I couldn’t believe it.

I was in a state utter awkwardness but high level of awareness. I was aware of every word that she said – my roommate said. I could sense my friends staring at me from paces away.

As her lips moved I noticed the slight beat of flirtation. Her signals of uncertainty, why is this guy talking to me. I could sense what seemed like desperation in my roommate to make sure I hit it off with Rebecca.

And I even noticed my body language and how awkward I felt being in the presence of someone so breath-taking. I noticed my thoughts of certain ego telling me I’m not worthy. And i also noticed how I didn’t have to feel or notice any of the things that I think I was noticing.

I also realized that I wasn’t actually listening to the conversation. LOL

So… I abruptly exited the conversation after a salutation of “Lovely meeting you.” And quickly bee-lined it to my room with my friends laughing at how surprising that moment was.

After gaining my composure I decided I was a catch because I am one.

TT and V Note:  This is from one of the exercises in Manifesting Mastery.  Notice how after doing that exercise – Jerry didn’t need proof or signs or affirmations to change his state.  He had the POWER AND AWARENESS to just change it – instantly.

Free Nevile Goddard - Gardening HandsAnd I went back to her and opened a conversation that was quite lovely. We talked about the pursuit of dreams and how we shouldn’t compare levels of dreams because they are all for our own individual perception and that they are all one.

I learned last night that I can literally control my view of the world.

Aggg, I wish I could tell you all of the things that happened last night. It’s just too much to jot down.

Anyways. 14 days in!!!

I try to sneak in an exercise when I feel like something is about to throw me off.  I’m not doing a good job following your formula. I feel as though my adjustment to your recipe is working for me, though.

TT and V Note:  Notice that Jerry is doing great, even though he’s not doing a good job of following the formula right now.   That’s okay, because he is putting his energy, where it matters most, on the program.

I do, however, listen to you everyday! And meditate on what it is you’re trying to teach. I’m learning to know myself. I’m starting to believe in my divinity.

It was nice hearing Victoria for the first time. You’re a lucky guy to have a partner that you can share your life with in this way.

TT I don’t think you understand!!!

I’m so friggin’ excited!

Jerry – Day 14 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Llisa says:

    Yes! What a terrific Share. This is when it gets so great, when we are paying our own attention to our own feelings and desired outcomes. I loved this growing awareness…and can only say to you – wait for the NEXT two weeks..hahaha and as this truth becomes our natural state of being… oh we really DO get to understanding that we are scripting EVERYTHING, and I have (now) even had success in mid-sentence from someone (feeling the energy etc..anticipating a mis-guided direction of words etc) to recognize I have the power (the pen in hand writing the script) to simply…and I DO mean simply..CHANGE IT.
    It is freeing. siliy. powerful, fun. and I really AM getting the feeling of being…God On The Adventure of a Lifetime inside Lisa!