Jan’s New Way of Life Success Story

feel it real - live boldyHi TT and V,

I can hardly believe the our 90 days are up. I’ve not been able to keep up with (public) emails because I’ve been living with my wonderful manifestations.

Thank you so much for your lessons.

They have been priceless in helping me get back on track with my spiritual self. Some of the highlights of my last couple of months are:

I’ve been with the same landlord for more than 2 decades and only recently have been unable to keep up with my rent payments. I was several months behind and pretty much terrified about where I would live if not in my current home.

Out of the blue, my landlord reduced my rent to 1/5 of what I have been paying. Whew! I’ve been able to keep up with that and know that I am repaying him in the very near future.

I have more confidence in myself…

…as a performer than I’ve ever had in my career. It shows up in the response I get from my audiences.

I have had in mind to do a series of house concerts – performances of my original music that I do in the homes of friends and fans. I did my first one in November and have at least on a month scheduled this year.


And there have been numerous occasions when I thought I didn’t have money to do something and then reminded myself that God in me is my abundance and settled down in my thinking to find that I did indeed have what I needed.

And just now, a project I wanted to participate in, that costs $150, which I was really hesitant to join, just wrote me to say that I would receive the membership for free.

Money is becoming something I can think more sanely about because I know now that I always have what I need. I just need to become aware of what I have…become aware of what is mine, right now, right here, this moment. Amazing?!

So, keep up the good work and I will too!

Love ya’ll,

Jan – March 2017 Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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TT and V note: When we asked Jan if we could share, here’s the reply we got! Isn’t this cool?

PS: Certainly. And there’s more.

I needed glasses. The last pair I bought cost $550. I needed to pay less this time. Somehow, I came upon the knowledge of online sources and long story short, filled the same prescription for $120 or so.

People give me tickets to events, unasked.

Jewelry. Books. Music they think I’ll like.

They bring friends and family members to see me perform. They do thoughtful things for me. I feel as though the world is at the very least, loving me as I do them thru music. Taking many deep breaths. Leaning to know all is well.

Who knew?

And all the big stuff too? ?

Jan – March 2017 Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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