I’ve Had Two BIG Successes in One Week

“The world is searching for the cause of the phenomena of life, not knowing it is their very self. The responsibility is yours when you discover that your awareness is the cause of everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen to you.”

“But when you realize that you are causing all the blows, the heartaches, and pains that happen to you, you will begin to change the way you think; and as you do, scripture will unfold in you.” – Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_stop_searchingHello there, TT, V, Bruce and Emmett,

Here I am at the end of the Pearl Of Great Price lecture week in Manifesting Mastery, and what a fantastic lecture it was!

Thanks for breaking it down into the segments, it was a great way to digest and ponder on all the information there.

I loved the way it reinforced that no power exists external to us beyond that which we give power to and how we can reclaim our power by giving up our old beliefs and having total faith in our imagination. A powerful message for me is “he who is not with me is against me.”

Consciously working with your imagination requires a total transformation, it’s not a pick-and-mix path.

I know from experience that my faith in feeling my ideal as real is strengthening all the time, but being human, I sometimes find myself defaulting to past programming.

Today is a perfect example. I allowed myself to get upset and frustrated over something, and “victim” mode came into play. You’ll be very pleased to know that I did remember to stop and revise and things got better.

Revision is fast becoming my friend, so that’s massive progress from where I was a couple of weeks ago ? It helps to remind myself that this isn’t a sticking plaster fix, it’s a journey, and I have triumphs along the way that I can choose to immerse myself in, rather than wallow in Victim Central.

This may seem obvious, but one thing I have noticed is the phenomenal amount of clarity I have access to when I place my faith totally in following the formula. I feel the joy and certainty that I’m on the right path for me, and I feel at ease, and I can compare it to the times when I waver and get all “fuzzy round the edges”, which feels like a very uncomfortable place to be now.

I have two success stories from the past week!

A leak popped up in the bathroom about a week ago, and my landlord spoke to the plumber he uses, but he said he wouldn’t be free to come round until Saturday.

I knew I would be very busy on Saturday, and started to go into panic mode about this, but then I remembered that I didn’t have to accept it as fact, and did a FIR session where I heard my landlord tell me that the plumber was able to come earlier because he had a cancellation.

The relief I felt at it being done in my imagination was immense. I just “knew” it was done. The week went on and the plumber still hadn’t been, but I remained convinced that the leak would be fixed before Saturday. On Thursday, I decided to book the next day off work.

On Friday morning, my landlord decided to call the plumber and find out what time to expect him on the Saturday, as he would also be busy that day and wouldn’t be around to let him in. He came back from his phone conversation and said triumphantly “he said he couldn’t get here until middday tomorrow, which would be no good, so I’ve persuaded him to come round now!” I thought to myself, “No, I persuaded him…” ?

Sure enough, the leak was fixed on Friday!

My man came down to visit this weekend. It would be the first time I’d seen him since starting MM and I got really anxious. I wanted things to be easy and fun, I didn’t want “old me” to dictate how things went, I didn’t want any arguments or misunderstandings to crop up.

In short, I wanted to show myself how many positive changes there had been in me, and this was to be the test.

During the week, I got more and more anxious and all sorts of different disastrous scenarios popped up in my head. I’ve learnt enough to know that this wasn’t me using my imagination to strengthen my chosen state, but seemingly I couldn’t put the brakes on this destructive pattern.

However, the night before he arrived, I sat myself down, composed an “I remember when…” conversation where I remembered when I thought that any arguments or misunderstandings or difficulties were the result of something outside of my control, but when I realised I could change things by changing my perspective, I found that my reality changed to reflect this new perspective, and how easy and lovely things were between us now.

I also revised and did a FIR session where I’d just said good-bye to him, closed the front door and felt joy and relief at how well the weekend had gone. I went to sleep in this state, and repeated the session the next morning.

Again, I felt calm and certain that it was done.

Sure enough, we had a lovely time, and everything was easy and fun. He was great company and really chilled, as was I. And yes, I was able to reflect on how far I’d come and the extent to which I am now consciously occupying my chosen state!

In both the cases above, I didn’t do any more than follow the formula and have faith, and everything else flowed from this. It felt effortless and natural.

Again, I noticed the difference in the way I felt in comparison to the stress and anxiety I have felt when I’ve tried to force things to be the way I’ve wanted them to be in the past, or pleaded and bargained with some non-existent external entity or power.

From the second story, I also learnt that I have the power to change outcomes “in the twinkle of an eye”, by committing to changing the state I feel from and keeping the faith.

It really is the case that I have a choice in every moment of every day of what I give life to. From both stories, I learnt that what I’ve learnt is amazingly easy to apply IF I allow myself to not complicate things.

Again, I’ve created positive resources to draw on, I’ve experienced that Nevillising works (in fact, it’s NEVER, EVER let me down) and I get the feeling that this is a lesson I’ll return to time and time again. It’s one thing knowing the theory, but really feeling it just knocks my socks off!

I’ve just had a sneaky peak at tomorrow’s Manifesting Mastery session, and I just know that this week’s lessons will help me make more progress on the journey!

As always, I’m also gaining loads of insights from the podcasts and articles on the site. Thank you all for everything so far, I look forward to sharing even more with you in the coming days and weeks.

Love and blessings to you all,

Shell in Manifesting Mastery – Day 42

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