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It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Twenty-Twenty and Victoria,

I haven’t been keeping up with the reporting lately, but my experience with this course (Manifesting Mastery) has been fantastic. I’ve studied Neville for several years, and as I’ve noted in my previous comments, I have had some great successes. These last several weeks though have been opening my mind to new levels of understanding.

The Pearl of Great Price was an amazing lecture. It helped me to see that there are so many more ways that I can be using my imagination actively rather than passively. I’ve started to see how everything is a moment to be imagined. I’d always used Neville’s techniques just to manifest something that I wanted, such as my home or a new vehicle. Now I see how much of my life has been left out.

I am imagining for others much more. I am blessing my wife with heath. A gentleman that I know that is being evicted from his apartment, and I am seeing him happy and satisfied. Meetings at work lead to conflict among other employees, and I am seeing them happy and satisfied with new resolutions. Miracles are happening all over the place. Things that used to just seem like coincidence I am now recognizing as the blessings of my imaginings.

I’ve been seeing some more of the many ways that I have been separating myself from God, and I’ve been working on living from that state of oneness. My overall picture of life is changing, and I like what I am seeing. Everything is looking brighter. I no longer see the world as a scary place and I have a hard time relating to those that do (most of my family members fall into that category).

I’d mentioned to you before that I am a programmer, and that I have seen improvements in my ability to write code that is clean and works. These last weeks have seen even more dramatic improvement. I’ve written a lot of code this last week, and it has all been running perfectly from the first test with no need for debugging. It has been great.

heartMy own health has continued to improve. I’m feeling better than I have in years. My overall attitude is much more positive, and I anticipate it will continue to improve the more that I monitor my thoughts, and the more that I use my imagination in more areas of my life.

In short, I’m beginning to understand what Neville meant when he said that man is all imagination.

Next I will be adding finances and personal business opportunities to my imaginings. It will be exciting to see where they lead…

Thanks again TT and V. This has been a fantastic course. I will do better with my updates (because I see myself doing better with my updates 😉

Much love,

Neil from Manifesting Mastery

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