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Is the Music I listen to – keeping me poor?

“Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty, I have a question.  I am a music freak and I spend a lot of time listening and singing along to music.  I always try to surround myself with positive images, but have never thought what the lyrics of a song could be doing to sabotage my desires.  Perhaps you have covered this subject in the past and I missed it.  I am interested in your thoughts on this.  Thank you.” – Karen

Hi Karen,

We suspect you are onto something, that yes – the music you listen to – and the movies you watch – and the news you have on in the background – all those could be keeping you poor. Let’s notice what Neville has to say about this:

neville_goddard_the_promise_god_one“Read the morning paper, turn on the television or radio, and (you) react to what you hear and see, and that reaction is an imaginal act which will cause unlovely experiences to people your world.”

“As you reap your harvest, you may not relate your present experience to what you did (listened to or read), but you had to have done it or you couldn’t be aware of it now, for everything is yourself pushed out, for you and God are one.” – Neville Goddard

We react to the world around us, and the world around us can infect us.  In the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack, we share a very potent lesson on what Neville would do when he noticed HE was INFECTED with the world’s mind viruses.  He found that important enough to mention a number of times in his teachings.   But remember first, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so why not change what you listen to?

I noticed a long time ago how music has had an effect on me, and eliminated a TON of negative state music from my life.   Think about it, you can find yourself singing a catchy tune, that has words that IMPLY that you are unlucky at love again, struggling financially again, and how it’s not your fault (agian) – and for some reason – that will be what shows up in your life.

And even if it doesn’t show up in your life, you find yourself either thinking about it – or just not living up to your potential.

So take the time to be selective, about what goes in the box.   It makes it much easier to to win the race, when all the team members (the thoughts inside your mind) are yours, and are heading in the same direction.

Have a great day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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2 Comments on "Is the Music I listen to – keeping me poor?"

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  1. I think an excellent example of how songs affect our reality was from the band Lynyrd Sknyrd. They wrote one in 1977 that was on their album ‘Street Survivors’ called “That Smell” which had the lyrics “Ooh that smell, can’t you smell that smell? Ooh that smell, the smell of death surrounds you”. Three days after the release of the album the band was in a plane crash which killed most of the members’ including the leader Ronnie Van Zant.

    The song was about drug use and drinking among the members of the band, which made it even more dangerous to them. They didn’t realize what they were doing of course, but they created that reality for themselves by singing it out to the world and it became a self fulfilling prophecy.

    The awakened mystic, psychologist and author Dr. David Hawkins talked about the relative consciousness of music and it’s effect on our personal energy and the energy of the planet in his book Power VS Force. He participated in a worldwide study in which kinestheology (muscle testing) was used to test the consciousness level of human emotions from anger and shame up to the consciousness of Christ or Buddha and create a scale of consciousness from the results

    They also tested the level of consciousness of songs and the results were very interesting. Songs in the rap music genre tested extremely low because they are primarily about anger or betrayal etc.. whereas a lot of country western music tested at the level of the heart or of love because much of it is about love. The entire book is revolutionary and I highly recommend it to anyone on the spiritual path.

    This speaks powerfully to what Neville had to say on the subject.. we will unknowingly create even through the input of mediums like songs, movies and the news. I would add as well that because all of life is energy, including ourselves, we are also immersing ourselves in other morphic energy fields (or a particular frequency or vibration) when we listen to songs or watch the news etc. Some energies are beneficial for us, but others can be very dangerous.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Great share John.

    Hawkins also shared that we attract what we “are”, what we believe we are. Neville shared very powerful teachings, and in most examples,he states that we need to assume the state of the PERSON we choose to be, the person who is healthy, wealthy, loved.

    Many people miss this, and focus on manifesting things, when all you have to do is change how you imagine YOU, and that is what changes your circumstance.

    That’s what works for us here, and that’s why we share what we do.

    Blessings mate,

    Mr Twenty Twenty

    PS: Hawkins also found that the BEAT of the music could denergize, weaken or mis align a person. The words are powerful, so is the beat. Good stuff.