Is Neville Telling Us To Lie? Free Neville Goddard

“Neville sounds like he is suggesting lying to ourselves about the situation. Your answer sounds like I’m misinterpreting his words, is he just talking about ‘pretending’ it’s true in your imaginative session?” – Matt

Hi Matt,

Let’s dive in. From what we can tell, Neville is teaching us to stop lying – about everything – especially about ourselves.

“Man, in his blindness, is quite satisfied with himself, but heartily dislikes the circumstances and situations of his life. He feels this way, not knowing that the cause of his displeasure lies not in the condition nor the person with whom he is displeased, but in the very self he likes so much. Not realizing that “he surrounds himself with the true image of himself” and that “what he is, that only can he see,” he is shocked when he discovers that it has always been his own deceitfulness that made him suspicious of others.” – Neville Goddard

“So the starting point of true metaphysics, on its practical side, is self-observation in order to discover one’s reactions to life, reactions that form one’s secret self – the cause of the phenomena of life. ” – Neville Goddard

There was a time when I didn’t get – that I was the absolute cause of ALL my problems, and that it was my reactions to the world that were creating each and every one of my problems.   I thought I was a “positive thinking” kind of guy.   I said all the right positive sounding things.   I smiled when I felt like screaming.   I read all the right books, and could quote people like Tony Robbins all day long.

And it was during the last week of the month, the week were me and my wife lived off of what ever we could find in the back of the freezer and the almost empty cabinets…  That I had a huge wake up call…

I had to stop – and admit that I had been lying to myself about my inner world, I had been hiding from myself what was really going on there.   I had to admit that I had huge amounts of “negative reactions’ going on inside of me, that I had been lying to myself, and creating the poverty – that I wanted to PRETEND wasn’t there.

POWER POINT:  Notice I thought I was a positive guy – and I even looked to the world – to be a nice positive guy.  But I was FLAT BROKE (for some reason), and it was only by becoming much more HONEST about my inner world – that I could change it and change my life.

20andyodaAt first, it was outright painful to notice and admit – how many POVERTY CREATING feelings I had.  But it was liberating for me to admit that I had them – because it was only then that I could really learn how to change them.

So I decided to re-invent me, change the facts – from the inside out.   I didn’t lie about my “conditions”, I just quit letting them determine how I felt, how I thought and how I reacted to the world.  I chose to be someone, who as Neville teaches, “wisely and productively uses money”, and someone who is “noble, generous, secure and kindly”.

Here’s The How;

So I imagined – me – being that new kind of person, by noticing how the people around me – responded to “the new me”.  I used the Congratulatory Conversation methods first. (The other tools in the toolbox followed, but more on that later.)

And the way I knew my life and circumstances were changing BIG TIME – began right here:

“If you define your aim as a noble, generous, secure, kindly individual – knowing that all things are states of consciousness – you can easily tell whether you are faithful to your aim in life by watching your reactions to the daily events of life. If you are faithful to your ideal, your reactions will conform to your aim, for you will be identified with your aim and, therefore, will be thinking from your aim. If your reactions are not in harmony with your ideal, it is a sure sign that you are separated from your ideal and are only thinking of it. Assume that you are the loving one you want to be, and notice your reactions throughout the day in regard to that assumption; for your reactions will tell you the state from which you are operating.” – Neville Goddard

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:  Stop Lying To Yourself  by Noticing Your Reactions

Your reactions create your reality.   And it seems like most people are either totally un-aware of their reactions – or they are lying to themselves about what their reactions are, like I was.  And becoming 100% honest in every moment free’s you.  (For those in Manifesting Mastery, notice how the Lessons from Week 1 and how the Pearl Of Great Price lessons fit in here.   This is why those weeks are so massively life changing and why they are in the course EXACTLY where they are.)

So do your sessions Matt, not to lie about your conditions, but to create in you the qualities and the reactions that will change your world in the most amazing way possible.  And if you want to speed up the process BIG TIME – join us today in Manifesting Mastery – Click here.  You’ve read the success stories, it’s now time to add yours to the list.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Zarah says:

    You are so wonderfully brutally honestly spot on as always! Thank you

  2. Danii Turnbull says:

    Yet another great post Mr Twenty Twenty. Really enjoy your approach to teaching Neville Goddard’s work and have found the congratulatory conversation method to be highly effective – key is to actually do it and not just read about it! Nice to learn a little more about your own journey too. Keep up the great work.

  3. Carme says:

    Great post…!
    Totally agree with it, but as I see it..just imagine you are a jealous guy who gets mad when your girlfriend spends time with her friends (or do the kind of things that could turn mad a jealous guy, which don’t have any importance…I mean, she’s not cheating on you, but you can’t help but feeling insecure everytime she seems to have a good time with someone who is not you). So there are two possible pictures: in the first one, something like the situation described happens, you get mad (or sad or whatever), you argue with your girlfriend, you spend the whole day feeling miserable and your world becomes a sad and frustrating place for you. On the other hand, as you said, if you don’t give any meaning to your girlfriend having fun with her male friends, you’ll have a good day, will spend happily time with your girlfriend and at the end of the day, you’ll realize that the world is such an amazing and loving place.
    So, as you said, your reactions totally create your world, but….and here it goes the question…if you are this jealous guy, you will have really a hard time not paying attention at all those things that create insecurity in you, trying not to react to the things you see, hear (or all the stuff you THINK you are seeing…). So, what are you suppose to do…? How can you avoid your insecurity feelings and feel you are someone confidence, who believes that his girlfriend is in love with him and knows he is the only one for her….?


  4. Christophe says:

    This is the age-old debate between “Believing what you see” and “Seeing what you believe”. In fact, we always only see that which we truly believe, but we do not have to believe what we see! Why? Because the world around us is nothing but a shadow, a dream, a compound of illusions, animated by consciousness/imagination.

    “Believing what you see” is akin to eating the lies of the serpent. The serpent of Genesis stands for our physical senses and the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil stands for materialism or worldy wisdom, that is believing the physical world is the ultimate reality, even though we are told repeatedly through scripture that the world is subservient to spirit/consciousness, spirit over matter. The Bible tells us to eat the fruit of the tree of life instead: unconditionnal love! Through love we can forgive all people and situations. Through love and faith we can see the divine glory within all and bring back divine harmony in every situation.

    Whatever “situation” we encounter is the fruit of our own vain imagining, so we can dissolve it through imagining. There is no such thing as fact or truth in the physical world. There are only temporary circumstances that can be transformed by consciousness in the twinkling of an eye.

    Truth is not of this world. Truth is spiritual, atemporal and non-local. Truth is divine consciousness is experiencing itself as human beings. Truth is that consciousness buries itself, creates and transforms the world around us every instant, so that the physical world is NOT reality, but the spiritual consciousness that creates the world is the only true reality.

    “Deny thyself” said Jesus, that is deny what you believe about you and the world around you, to focus solely on the divine ideal. This is not lying to yourself or others, on the contrary this is giving up the lies of the ego (illusion of separation) and going back to all-encompassing divine truth.

    Let us not be like Faust, and waste our time accumulating ever-changing worldly knowledge, believing we can better govern ourselves and the world around us once we know all “the facts of life”. Instead, let us forget all preconceived ideas and worldly illusions, let us free Eve (subconscious mind) and Adam (conscious mind) from the snare of the senses and let us go directly to the source, divine imagination, which molds the world according to its own divine will without yielding to any exterior cause.

  5. Christophe says:

    And thank you very much TT for that very personal and enlightening story! I’m going to read it several times, it really helps get a practical understanding of Neville’s teachings!

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Carme!

    The solution is in your question….

    “How can you avoid your insecurity feelings and feel you are someone confident?”

    You can’t.

    Why avoid them? Just stop creating them.

    Some people will read this, and miss the power here, because the power is in exactly what is revealed in the question.

    People will create triggers that create stress and conflict in their lives – then try to avoid them – then create more – and try to avoid them – then create more…

    It’s a maddening loop – that most people NEVER exit. (Ever wonder why little children have heaps of energy and imagine freely? They don’t have heaps and heaps of loops like this – that eat up more and more of your energy and attention – until – when you look at most older people – they have no spark, no energy no hope.)

    We take about 2 weeks in Manifesting Mastery to demolish this cycle. It’s not hard to do, but it takes about 14 days of lessons to do that. But once you do – it truly is happy dance time.

    Blessings mate,

    TT and V

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Totally agreed Danil!

    There is a huge difference between knowing about this stuff, and KNOWING it.

    Knowing it, comes from doing it.

    Keep diving in, you are so worth it mate!

    TT and V

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    “There is no such thing as fact or truth in the physical world.”

    Every WINNER I know, asks themselves, “What will I do – with this?”

    And every winner I know, ignores the current state of “this” and does what they want with this amazing gift of life we have given to ourselves.

    Have fun!

    TT and V

  9. Paula says:

    Really needed this today. Had a very dark day yesterday and was forgetting this stuff.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Paula!

    Glad you are here, and we get to be a blessing.

    Big love,

    TT and V and E

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for reading it mate.

    That’s why we write.

    Blessings and big love,

    TT and V

  12. Matt says:

    Cheers, thanks guys

  13. Matt says:

    Is remembering past successes the same/as effective as imagining a new experience?

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    That could be a great place to begin…

    But keep going. There is a reason why Neville taught more than that.

    Good on you for asking, great question Matt.


    TT and V