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Am I Being Selfish When I… What would Neville Say?

“The minute you begin to discipline your mind by observing your thoughts and watching your thoughts throughout the day, you become the policeman of your thoughts. Refuse to enter into conversations that are unlovely, refuse to listen attentively to anything that tears down.”

“Begin to build within your own mind’s eye the vision of the perfect virgin rather than the vision of the foolish virgin. Listen only to the things that bring joy when you hear them. Do not give a willing ear to that which is unlovely, which when you heard it you wish you had not. That is listening and seeing things Without oil in your lamp, or joy in your mind.”

“There are two kinds of virgins in the Bible: five foolish and five wise virgins. The minute you become the wise virgin, or try to make an attempt to do it, you will find all these things happen. You will see these things, and they interest you so that you have not time to develop the foolish sight, as many people do. I hope that no one here does. Because no one should be identified with this great work who can still find great joy in a discussion of another that is unlovely.” – Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_how_to_feel_it_real_virginsDear Mr. 2020 and Victoria,

I had amazing time since the end of my 90 days in Manifesting Mastery, so much peace. Thank you so much for your work, it gives results that truly last for a lifetime!

I already let go of so much stress that I realized that for a long time I was so used to it and similar emotions that I found them normal but not anymore. Now I feel amazing and can very easily monitor myself and remain positive, in the state and so on.

I read about the wise virgins, that we should listen to what is lovely, ignore/isolate ourselves from the unlovely and have only nice conversations inside. All that is great and I began to think what would Neville says about putting ourselves first, putting our needs, desires first?

What does Neville say about that? Should be follow our inner voice, the voice of the ideal us even if it means putting ourselves first in our sessions and in life?

Kind regards,
G. K.

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Hi G.K.

First, congratulations and good on you G. K.   You have given yourself true freedom by becoming a wise virgin.    

Let’s explore what Neville means by that a little bit more below….

We love how Neville quotes that there are 5 foolish virgins and 5 wise.  The number 5 represents the 5 senses.  Every one of us can let our 5 senses get hypnotized by stuff that hurts us – or we can choose daily what we  focus on – and make it something that blesses us and our world.

And this brings us to your question…

Imagining lovingly – for yourself – blesses you – and blesses everyone else, so do it.   When Victoria and I began to imagine our ideal home life and business – we imagined doing great – because if we did great – we could inspire and help others do great too.


You imagining lovingly for YOU, creating your IDEAL LIFE – gives to everyone.

So start putting your happiness first, and walk away from what is unlovely and unloving.  This allows you to give to everyone.

You did great today, because you…

…are emailing us and asking – THAT was an act of you putting your happiness first too – and that GIVES to everyone, in both Manifesting Mastery and those who visit FreeNeville.   How cool is that.

Today’s Take Away:  

Learn how to imagine more and more effectively – so you can love yourself more and more completely.

This is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and those around you because – how you imagine your day – how you imagine your life – impacts everything – and everyone around you.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Liz says:

    Awesome mail!!!
    Thanks for sharing and enlightening us!!!

    Too good, toooooo good

  2. Este mensaje es muy verídico porque educando tus pensamiento de una manera positiva ,traes a tu vida las cosas que mas desea y lo mas agradable que persigues ,convirtiéndote en el arquitecto de tu propia vida

  3. Would somebody – I say – would somebody tell me why we don't have our own "Hollywood" by now?
    This is why brothers like Spike Lee and Tyler Perry are so wonderful and relevant – they don't operate within the lynchlines of the meanstream media, Hollyweird, or any of the biases set up to exclude us.
    I am sure that by now we have the capacity to build and produce our stories, hire our talent, create our stars without them.
    The brothers and sisters of the HIPHOP generation are likewise producing their own movies and setting their criteria and standards above Hollyweird – and while I am definitely in the mode that they owe us and should respect us, if they don't I want them to be sure that it doesn't make or break me or mine.
    I think we should hold Selma and other such wonderful Black productions to a higher Black standard than an Oscar – let's come up with our own symbol of BLACK excellence in Film, Acting and Production – call it an a LEO (after the king of the jungle) or a SIMBA (which means lion or king) or an Mfalme (Swahili for king) or a RAIS (which means ruler or emperor in Swahili) – or the GARVEY in the spirit of autonomy, creativity and self determination; or the MICHEAUX – in the spirit of the brother who pioneered his own Black movie productions – wrote, produced, filmed and distributed them himself….
    Why are we always pursuing their low life white subprime (not supreme) criteria, when we are so much more creative, exacting and discerning anyway?
    Not only do our Black Lives Matter – Everything else about Black people matters too – and we should start acting like it –
    "F" Hollyweird… I worked there for 9 years, and – with the exception of Norman Lear – they're a bunch of narcissistic cretins sucking off the talent of sincere artists who have to pander to them to get noticed, or get decent parts.

    Stay Blessed & ECLECTICALLY BLACK – Gloria

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    Hi! I found your comment most interesting. I came to the bottom of the page wanting to say one thing, but now I am redirected with your comment. I am in a unique position to comment on the specifics and to relay the general.
    As we here working with Neville to in-form and change our lives and our reality…. so much of your language comes from the very paradigm you are….well raging against. And you know, of course Gloria – most of the world would agree. It is an easy argument to find traction with, historical, comforting..familiar.
    So, it is the unique seeker that goes a different way. Not pushing or arguing against..just staying in the lovely thoughts. In the power of our own determined beautiful thoughts.
    I have a similar feeling about television and Hollywood, albeit not the specific argument about Black Entertainment and Hollywood..but being white – let me say the Kardashians. I do not even know who they are – but yet they have game, some how. I watched a "clever" ad campaign by a fortune 500 – a car insurance company – that plays off the meme of male and female and has 7 year olds acting the parts. And all I can think it…ah shit, we are teaching their archetypal roles right here in front of us!
    So me, I am starting my own television show. Going towards, in positive motion. Help me do that. It is called and I am joyfully creating an entire show for the new conversations I WANT to have. I want Twenty to fly in to be a guest – oh, because I am filming in Hollywood!

    It is so so much more fun, more powerful, and more inclusive…to move towards. Keep lovely thoughts. And produce from there.
    Maybe that was what I wanted to say afterall!

    Oh and I also created the crowdfunding platform, CrowdedReality – so I could guarantee I can maintains the control – over sponsors, editing and guests. Pretty cool. Seriously, come help. Come WITH and help make a powerful conversation go viral.

  5. Lisa Marie says:

    Ya si – esas son paginas mas maravillosas – y CONSISTANTES! – en JOY y mensajes positivas y … podremos lograr. Si!

  6. lisa says:

    I just loved this article. Thank you Thank you Thank you

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Lisa.

    Thank you for bringing you and this focus and flow in for all of us.


    TT and V