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Irina’s Testimonials – Neville Goddard Success Stories

Hey mate,

We just love stories like this, when two people who love each other get to be together again. And when world travel is involved and taking care of complicated things like travel visas – we get to witness the power of feeling it real. Let’s dive into these two success stories of Irina’s today with a quote from Neville.

“If you sleep in Barbados and view the world from Barbados, the means will appear, and you will go to Barbados. But as far as I am concerned, you are already in Barbados, because you desired it with intensity. All you had to do was simply to enter it; and you enter it now in New York City even though it is two thousand miles across water, — and you aren’t going to walk across water; but you enter Barbados and view the world from it. If you see the world from Barbados, then you have to be in Barbados.” – Neville Goddard

Hello Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

I would like to share some wonderful testimonials that perfectly show how the Feel It Real technique works and it would be nice if you shared them with the readers.

I live in Uzbekistan and my husband is currently working in UAE. So at the beginning of July we decided that I would come to Dubai in August to stay with him for 2 weeks. Meanwhile I kept imagining that I was already with him taking walks in our favorite places, lying down on the beach. I did it because it made me feel happy not to make it happen as I already knew that I was going there in august anyway.

Free Neville GoddardAfter a few days he sent me a message asking to come the following week which was this week. And it meant that I had to make all arrangements within 7 days. He said that it would be better as he would have more free time then, and besides we could celebrate his birthday together! And I thought that it would be great as we hadn’t seen each other for over 7 months and were eager to meet.

So I went to a travel agency to arrange a visa and air ticket. They told me that the notice was too short and it required more than 7 days to arrange the visa. But that was not what I wanted to hear. So I went to another agency from which a friend of mine regularly buys air tickets and arranges visas for herself.

When I cautiously asked at the agency if we had enough time for making the visa they said “of course, 7 days is more than enough!” And also they gave me a good discount for the air ticket (which I didn’t expect at all). So within 3 days everything was settled for the trip.

I arrived in Dubai 3 days ago And now I’m with my husband having a wonderful holiday together in a nice hotel in Dubai. According to my husband, he didn’t expect me to come that soon, he just had that idea but never truly believed it could be real.

“Have faith in the promise by exercising his law and proving it in performance, for faith is not complete until through experiment it becomes your experience! This lady knows what she has experienced. She knows the law works. ” – Neville Goddard

Another testimonial that I want to share with you is:

Some time ago while walking out my dog late at night I heard a kitten crying somewhere under a bridge which is situated between two traffic roads. I used to have a cat before but now I have a mind set that I don’t want to keep cats anymore, as I have a dog already. But something within me forced me to go and take that kitten out of the roads and put it in some safe place.

When I reached the bridge I saw a tiny cute black kitten crying and looking frightened. When I held it in my hands I suddenly decided to take it home with me and thought I would find a nice home for it later. When I brought it home the kitten was so frightened of my dog and started to act so aggressively that I regretted my decision. I managed to calm it down and let it sleep with me in my bed (which I never do for pets!!!).

And I thought to myself why on earth did I take the kitten? And then I remembered that about 9 months ago when I lived in the UAE I used to see some cats in the street and felt love for them, telling my husband that I would love to have a cat. But I knew it was just a fleeting affection as I was not really going to have any….

I’m still keeping the black kitten and I have no regrets as I have fallen in love for her as she is so cute and sweet. She loves my dog and plays with him giving me a lot of joy and happiness.

I know how the law of attraction works but I can’t stop getting amazed and surprised every time I witness its manifestations!
And coming across Neville’s teachings helps me realize the power within me even more! Thank you guys for all your beautiful work and help.

With deep love and respect,

Thank you Irina!  As you know Following The Formula works.  That’s why we teach Neville and only do Neville.   The more you realize the power within you the more amazing this adventure of a lifetime become.   Many blessings to you!

TT and V

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  1. R says:

    beautiful love stories Irina…the both of them!!!

    i feel it’s in those “fleeting moments” when we ‘DEFINE WHAT WE WANT’ with ease, no force and walk in the feeling like Neville teaches is when we receive our deepest desires.

    thanx for the share. blessings, R 🙂

  2. valvacious says:

    I agree with R.” Ships sail in from calm seas” Your desire comes when you are feeling peaceful and calm with joyful expectedness.