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Instead of Suing Them I Used Manifesting Instead – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hello Twenty,

Looking back at my journal and my past week of activities, what has had the greatest impact was the Manifesting Mastery lessons. And interestingly enough was looking at a small piece of paper that that wife gave me and that I have on my desk, and never payed much attention to it since before the end of lesson #1.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as WE ARE.”
Remember this before you respond!

Reading these simple words has given me a deep feeling of gratitude, and that, I AM, the master of my universe. The key is to be aware 24/7 of those TRIGGERS that are lurking around every corners to derail us.

Free Neville Goddard Potter's HouseMy first win/win was the settlement of a refund that I received today, $2495.00. Took me many emails but what did it was that I went PERSONALLY, in my minds eye, to talk to all that were involved in this litigation, and thanked them profusely for sending my refund. My first instinct was to take them to court.

Manifesting Mastery is more powerful and faster, and I used it. Win/Win all the way.

Willy E.

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PS: Another win/win to share with all of you. Since Monday have been trying to return packages that were sent to me by mistake. Monday called customer services and was told that it will be taken care of, and email me return labels. Tuesday in the am still no return labels.

The little voice whispered in my ear, “Treat (Feel It Real), go and visit them in your mind’s eye, and thank them profusely on a wonderful job that they are doing to facilitate your returns”.

Tues Am, still no return labels. Little voice again “Go visit but this time add a lot more Love and sincerity in your visit” Again Called and was told that labels we being emailed as we spoke.

Wed, same story no labels. Now had to get hold of myself and the TRIGGERS, since my old self was going on the warpath. Told old vengeful self to get lost, and treated again the situation with love and respect for all concerned. Easier said than done. This morning received the promised return labels and all is WELL. Packages are on their way back to sender. In case of doubt, TREAT (Feel It Real).
PS. The retuns saved me $499.00
Willy E.

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