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In 24 Hours – I Manifested $750 – Exactly What I Felt It Real For

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Today we have a very special success story from our FACEBOOK GROUP – shared with permission.  This is what happens when you RELAX – get 100% OKAY – with what “physically is” – and continue to Feel It Real – no matter what “the world says”.

In Manifesting Mastery, we often tell members to “sit with” what makes you uncomfortable or stressed – while staying in the state of your wish fulfilled.  When you do this – you get to discover that states – distractions – stressors – come and they go – and YOU remain – YOU.

You get to discover that NO STATE is as big as you, and that you are GREATER THAN ANY STATE.  Let’s dive in…

“Imagination is not a state, it’s the human existence himself. You are all imagination and God is all imagination, you are God. And God is actually within you, as your own wonderful human imagination.” – Neville Goddard


July 21, 2016

Can you be confident and comfortable with $3.86 in your bank account?

Can you hold on to the wish fulfilled feeling and remain calm when everything is in (perceived) chaos around you?

I was here yesterday asking for tips on how to manifest money quickly…. and I DID IT!

i manifested 750I needed $750 for something urgent and important- medical costs for alternative treatments and check out the pic below.

I asked about $3.86 above, because that’s literally the amount of money in my bank account until I get paid.

And i could have gotten a loan or asked someone for cash but I wanted to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Not because of some crazy karmic debt or anything but because in the past i kept cycling negative thoughts and FEELINGS (of being a loser/failure) when i was low on cash. I kept creating a big feedback loop of bullshit that kept happening.

I broke the code. Keep studying Neville, this stuff is the Truth!

L. D. – Manifesting Mastery Day 55

TT and V note:  LD shared a video in the original facebook post, where she mentioned a very VERY important things that will help you feel it real.

One involved RELAXING and LETTING GO – FULLY FEELING  your wish HAS ALREADY been fulfilled.

The other was, THIS WORKS – even when you aren’t getting everything perfect.  She is 100% okay with having fun, loosening up, and diving in deeper and deeper.

That’s what it takes, a willingness to let the old you die – so the new you can live.  Congratulations LD, thank you for sharing with us today.  We celebrate your success with you!

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