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Hey TT and V,

I just want to say, even on day ONE of this course…you’re the real deal man. I know I found this material at the right time, as I can truly appreciate it.

Your NLP Money (BONUS GIFT) recordings and daily exercise (I’ve only started day 1) is already assisting in changing my mindset. This is surreal perspective you’re teach in, a liberation from Caesar’s system of self slavery.

Mika, South Africa

“We are here in this world of experience for a divine purpose: to know imagination.” – Neville Goddard

Notice how Mika is ALREADY thankful, he’s already exploring.  He’s winning already, because he STOPPED HOPING for a someday shift, and he DOVE DEEP.

We are so looking forward to your Week 1 update Mika.   We are gonna have so much fun on this 90 Day Adventure together.

Now, let’s dive into Helen’s WEEK ONE Manifesting Mastery update, and celebrate her wins!

Hi TT and Victoria,

(WEEK 1)

It’s been a very interesting week!

Being an observer to what I have found meaning too has been an eye opener. One of the things that really stood out was how active my thoughts are and how they run without discipline into the areas and people that are causing me stress.

I noticed that as soon as I…

…thought of my brother for example (who I am in battle with at the moment), my body (sensation) tensed up completely, my mind went to war and I got angry at the dog. my daughter got upset that I shouted at the dog and I received further correspondence that fuelled the conflict between myself and my brother and that was within 2 hours of being an observer…. and quickly falling out of being one and into continually manifesting fully, my dwelling place of thought and feeling towards our situation.

When I first read the poem…

….you always include in your emails about, “I am imagining all the time…..”

I thought ok, but did not stop to really sit with it, however, as the week went on, the more powerful the words became and now they fully and deeply resonate with me.

I have found that overhearing conversations…

…the spoken word, the auditory – for me is the biggest trigger. My job is to listen to people and i am trained to keep my ‘stuff’ out of their experience, but…… when I’m Helen, when I’m just free flowing, I have learnt that I am deeply triggered by what people say.

TT AND V NOTE: EXPLORING your triggers as we do in MM, breaks the “unconscious autopilot” imagining that EVERYONE does. And it’s the change in THAT IMAGINING that makes both LIVE AND IMAGINING so much more easier and fun! Notice how Helen is finding HEAPS of GOLD with this first week alone!

I can easily drop a ‘desire’ just on someone else’s judgement..

…which triggers me in to a powerless place – then I have to rethink, remind and reboot – all very much a mental exercise and often hard work. However, by saying,  “this does not mean what i think it means” (Part of ONE of the ways we explore BREAKING TRIGGERS), I am automatically back to me, back to the state where i want to feel from. I feel released from mentally trying to hang on to where im from and not from where there coming from… rather liberating.

That simple statement of…

“This does not mean what i think it means” is a very powerful one. One that allows choice. the choice to feel and be different in relationship with myself and the world around me. It also allows me to be fully responsible and accountable and moves me away from the negative states of blame, drama and rescuing/victim/persecutor – in such an easy way.

“I have had lots of little wins!”  (YES!)

I would like to share one that has made me smile for days now. Izzy wants to paint a wall in her room with back chalk paint so she can write on it. We have a little dog that can easily get through a gate in the house we are staying, which is a worry, so i needed some mesh fencing to wrap around the bottom of it.

(We imagined laughing – high fiving – because we got a great deal!)

So off we go to Home base, as we are queuing up to pay for the items, I turn to Izzy (who is 12 and learning from me about MM and who is loving the play and is very good at it actually) and say let’s imagine we are leaving the store, laughing saying that was fun and high fiving that fact that we got a great deal.

TT and V:  Notice how lovely and playful Helen and Izzy let this win be!

I watch as she gently closes her eyes at the till and…

…goes into her imagining and see a smile cross over her face – and she’s there, the wish fulfilled, amazing to watch) so….. …. the cashier scans the paint and it comes to nearly double the price advertised.

I explained it has not been advertised at that we both go to the shelves and indeed it has been stacked badly – i point out that consumer law says that he really ought to sell it at the price advertised.

But I don’t push it.

He says he will check but will scan through the mesh as the queue is getting longer and ping, the mesh is also coming through £10 more than advertised.

TT AND V NOTE:   Helen could have just left, she could have settled, they could have just apologized, or given her “the first item” at the price she wanted….  But NOTICE what happens NEXT!

This time I do say that it is not advertised as that, the manager comes over, who is looking very stressed. I explain calmly about the advertised price and he authorises the sales to go through at the price I want – me and Izzy were blown away – EXACTLY as we had imagined!

I am really enjoying this course. Feel free to share if you think it’s helpful.

Much love,

Helen – Loving week 1 in Manifesting Mastery

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TT and V Note:  We just love that Helen is teaching Izzy (who is just 12 years old) all about Feeling it Real with Manifesting Mastery.   And their win here is just wonderful.   Some would say, “it would have happened anyway”, but remember what Neville said, “there is only one cause!”

Remember what Neville says…

We came here to KNOW imagination!   We came here to wake up and discover who / what we truly are and how this really works.    We are so looking forward to more adventures from Helen and Izzy, who are discovering – how to give themselves the best deals daily, and how to have the ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!

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