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Imagine Me – Cancer Free – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey mate,

Today your Neville Goddard success story begins with a letter we got last Wednesday from Anne, an active reader of FreeNeville, who has responded excellently to a life changing opportunity to dive in deep, and who is now Following-The-Formula.

Hi TT,

I read your daily email and listen to Neville lectures, read his books, etc. But I haven’t been faithful in doing daily Neville sessions, even though I do regular meditation.

I have just been hit with a new health scare that really blindsided me, and I can’t seem to drop the fear long enough to do revision or living from the state of health. A nodule was found in my lung yesterday that might or might not be malignant… I go to another specialist next Monday to find out. That gives me 6 whole days to worry or not.

My question is, how to I get rid of the fear so that I can Nevilize about this? I have lived for 72 years without any major health problems, and this is just a shocker to me.


When we get this kind of letter, we stop for a moment, we do what Neville says (we imagine lovingly) and then  we share suggestions on what to do next. These vary from person to person, but almost always include exploring this if fear is involved:

Hi Anne!

I’d like to write an article on this, but let’s all dive in now too.

We’d suggest – sitting with it – the fear.

And you’ll notice – it comes – it goes.

In other words, you get to discover that you are bigger than it.
Since you are bigger than any state, you can move your attention to a new one.

So on a practical path – sit with any state – and you’ll notice it comes – and it goes.
And you are bigger.

Once you get that, you’ll get why we do sessions faithfully too. It’s just a way to be held by “something lovely” in consciousness, and it invites it’s lovely relatives – into the physical world.

How’s that to begin?

Blessings Anne!

TT and V

Notice we asked Anne to actually sit with the fear, so she could actually discover – experience – that she is bigger than that feeling – and that she is greater than any state.   This is the kind of experience we help our Manifesting Mastery Members have – so that once and for forever – manifesting becomes a lifestyle.   We continued exploring that and suggested this article for her too: How To Deal With ANY Diagnosis

“Knowing what you want, close your eyes and enter its fulfillment, knowing that God is seeing what you are seeing. That He is hearing what you are saying; and what God sees and hears and remains loyal to, He externalizes.” – Neville Goddard

And now, let’s see how everything turned out….

Hi TT & V,

Just thought I would share the wonderful news of manifesting a good diagnosis from the Nevillizing I did, with your help, during the past few days. After first handling the fear associated with being told there was a potentially malignant nodule on my lung, I started to use the revision method to confront the diagnosis I had been given. I had a whole week to wait before seeing a thoracic specialist who would do the biopsy to confirm the opinion I had heard (and revised away). I next did work (with the help of material you sent me) on the words “diagnosis” and “symptoms.” In my sessions I heard the specialist saying “I don’t think we need to biopsy this since it doesn’t look suspicious. Just come back in 3 months to see if there has been a change, but I doubt there will be.”

When I went to the specialist this morning he showed me the picture of the CT scan with the image of the nodule on my lung, and pointed out some things on the image. He said “I don’t think we need to biopsy this, since it doesn’t show any signs of malignancy. Come back in 3 months for another CT scan just to be sure.” I was not really surprised, although I must say I felt some relief. He added that even if it were malignant, it would be a very small cancer that could easily be cured.

I had given myself a positive diagnosis in my sessions, and here were the “signs following.” The diagnosis preceded the symptoms instead of the usual backward way we do these things. And as a little added bonus, this specialist was very interested in meditation. We finished our visit with him asking me many questions about meditating — questions that I was fortunately able to answer. The visit for physical advice turned into one about spiritual advice.

Thank you for all that you have done to help facilitate this very happy ending to what started as a very scary story.

Blessings and love for bringing Neville to life,

This stuff works.  This stuff works wonderfully if you Follow-The-Formula.   Like Neville says, “you must know the rules and apply them’, and we want to congratulate Anne for diving in, doing what it takes and committing to the Neville Goddard lifestyle.

Many blessings to you today,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Matt says:

    Great news Anne, congratulations

  2. Carol says:

    Perfect! So happy for you Anne!