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Imagine – A Whole New YOU! – Carla’s Manifesting Mastery Success Story

“Do not be embarrassed when I tell you that you are God. Instead, walk believing you are that important. You don’t have to become arrogant, but you must assume you are God. Think about it! Stop believing in God and start believing as God. Do this and the visions will come to confirm your assumption.” – Neville Goddard

stop believing in god start believing as godHey guys,

Guess what?

I really love me and I really love you both.

When I became a part of our Facebook group, I thought sure I’ll stick around. Leave the god stuff out and learn to manifest ‘stuff’. Well it’s been an amazing journey and MM has taken me to new depths and heights.

Yes I manifest ‘stuff’ continually, but loving WHO I AM and becoming, is the greatest success.

I lived from a victim state for most of my life, everyone else was to blame and was a very powerless, depressive way to live.

Continuing to buy the pearl, do revision and being still and knowing who I am. I now live from a new state and no longer recognise much of the old me.

I could never sleep through the night, get up on time ever(no matter how many alarms I set) or go a day without crying.

It’s been awhile now that I sleep soundly, bounce out of bed early (before my alarm) can’t remember the last time I cried, I’m either on time or early instead of that person who was always late.

I have more energy and focus. I’m remaining in state longer, noticing being bumped quicker.

I love how each MM day comes to memory when needed and I can apply it immediately. I feel the difference if I am feeling something in the future instead of done. I’m getting better at this.

I love I became because I became.. I’ve looked back at notes and noticed a shift in me since then. Fixing the system instead of the symptoms. Big one for me that I was very guilty of such gold there.

Realising there were still moments I was feeling god ‘out there’

I went away for a few days with a friend last weekend. First time I had enjoyed a holiday that I had paid for myself.. woohoo

Mostly I love that this is my way of life now. Not something I turn to to fix something or get something. And God.. well couldn’t get any closer than being ONE.

Oh and my time away…

I just happened to book accommodation half a block from venue, didn’t even realise heck yes. It was forecast for storms and heavy rain, it was glorious sunny for the exact time of the footy game. And my team won.

Isn’t it wonderful 🙂

Blessings Carla in Manifesting Mastery – Lesson 60

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