Imagine A Free Costa Rica Trip – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hi TT and V,

I want to tell you what happened and to thank you for keeping me on your email list.

Last fall, I was pretty sick and I could only muster up one imagined event. I pictured myself on a tropical beach. I would put myself there. I would look out of my eyes and feel the texture of the beach chair I sat on. I felt the breeze and looked at the tree line that shaded me from the sun. I ordered a healthy fruit drink from a local young man who came up behind me on my right to serve me. I looked back and there was a lovely beach open restaurant about 100 feet behind me that made delicious fruit drinks.

I went on and on every day and night. Feeling the texture and my joy and delight to be feeling the sand with my feet and really tuning in to how everything looked and felt. I did this for about 2 weeks I think and then I forgot about it.

Dream Like GodA month ago, my dear friends had some air mileage saved up and wanted to send me on a free trip to Costa Rica. I stayed at a place about a half a mile from the beach. I walked to the beach and sat down on a very interesting beach chair and in a few minutes realized that

The shade line of the trees was EXACTLY like I pictured it. A young man local to Costa Rica serve me a delicious fresh fruit drink from behind me on my right… the ocean and beach was EXACTLY like I imagined….. there was a beach open restaurant right behind me about 100 feet away

Every detail was exactly as I had imagined it….. Everything….

Thank you for keeping Neville accessible! Thanks so much!


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  1. Sukhi says:

    Mr TT and V

    After I have done my feel it real sessions I seem to fall asleep and I sleep like a baby. I wake up so refreshed.

  2. Patricia says:

    Awesome, inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this, Marsha. More proof that our imagination is indeed God, as Neville told us.

  3. Llisa says:

    This is a lovely share about assuming things real, working out our own details…as the evidence appears. Thank you!