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I’m Honestly Not The Same Person I Was 69 Days Ago

“If man’s concept of himself were different, everything in his world would be different. His concept of himself being what it is, everything in his world must be as it is.”

Hi guys!

This week, I feel like I’ve turned a corner which I won’t turn back.

All the lessons have had a major impact, it’s been a wonderful consolidation.

Honestly, I am not the person I was 69 days ago, because now, I AM ?

  • I absolutely love the peanuts in the bag (lesson)….so true.
  • Also, what was super powerful was the session on condensing to a point. And amplifying the sound or the look or the action.

That has helped to solidify the session!

And to focus my thoughts that love to wonder. Or should I say, that USED to wonder!

I am consciously living from the end all the time and my ends are much more specific and true to what I want really. I also go much further in time and it gives such a sense of a whole life instead of a single moment in life.

And the best of the best for me is the forgiveness state of: that’s how he/she/I used to be. And I replace it with what I want to see happen.

This programme, both of your infectious personalities and your hilarious dogs have changed me.

I love who I am now and what I can do. I feel utter calm inside.

Thank you

Anne in Manifesting Mastery – Day 70

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TT and V Note:  When we get letters like this – pretty much every day…

They TRULY make our day, because we KNOW that Anne’s life – is never gonna be the same.

Anne has moved from who she was – someone surviving in life – and now loves living the adventure of a lifetime.

That’s what happens when you keep diving in deeper…

…and instead of letting this be an option – you make it your way of life.

Blessings to you Anne, thank you for sharing so many of your shifts and successes with us in Manifesting Mastery.  It’s a pleasure to be in this adventure with you!

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