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I Used To Struggle With Not Enough Money – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hello Mr TT and V,

Thank you for the awesome work you guys are doing.

About a year ago I read Neville’s book awakened imagination which impacted me but since the beginning of January 2015, I started listening to Neville on you tube and by listening to him it has changed and opened a new world for me. And finding you guys had been a great gift to myself for you have helped me understand Neville teachings even better. And for that I will always be grateful.

I have bought many of the trainings you offer through your website and applied the lessons. Let me share a bit of my story and feel free to share it for I understand that it is through the stories that we connect.

I was always called the dreamer and my parents used to say stop dreaming and come back to reality. But deep inside of me I wanted to live a life of magic.

I used to watch the bewitched show and wished that I could be Tabitha and move my nose left and right like her to make things happen. I believe I have manifested my dream for the teaching of Neville and yours allow me to have a magical life.

I feel the calm, harmony and peace within my heart. Coming to the understanding of who I am and connecting to my marvelous human imagination as God had healed and filled the hole within me.

I remember when I used to struggle with not having enough money, and feeling the anguish, the pain, the fear of how I was going to make every day. I lived with doubts and the replay of scenarios in my mind which used to make me sick. But deep in me I knew there was a solution to all the negatives I was experiencing.

You made it so affordable for me to be able to invest in myself and I bought the Prosperity Pack, few other audios and now the Manifesting Mastery which in the past I would have questioned and wondered where I was going to find the money to buy it but the money showed up and without too much questioning in my mind I invest it in me. For I know I am worth it and I wanted things to change.

creativepowerflowerI started it with the manifesting master pack and doing the exercises allowed me to have more control over the little things. I had a situation with a prospect last week and usually negative thoughts will come to my mind and I will dwell in them, questioning and questioning until days after sometimes weeks before letting it go. But this time I caught it fast and I said there is nothing to it, and really there is nothing to it.

What a freedom to have control. I used to repeat with “God all things are possible”, now I have the wisdom knowledge and understand of the meaning and the experience of it, for I am God and all things are possible to me.

Thank you for being who you are, thank you for helping me be who I am, a Great and Mighty Being.

My future is so bright, my purpose so clear, my vision so define.

“If you want to be a man of wealth, assume that you are. You see: the man of wealth and the poor man are the same being. The individual who occupies the poor state is God’s emanation who has fallen into the state of poverty. He does not differ, however, from the individual who occupies the state of wealth. The man in the state of wealth may have lots of money, but he is the same being, in a spiritual sense, as the man who is poor. The only difference is that the poor man does not know he can leave the state of poverty.” – Neville Goddard


Suzanne from Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Good on you Suzanne, THANK your WONDERFUL human IMAGINATION.Your investment is really worth it. I did and it payed back ROCK SOLID.