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I Tripled The Size of My Tax Refund Using Feel It Real!

Hey mate,

We got excited reading this one today!

Just imagine, taking what you are learning, and tripling  your tax return.  Good fun.

Then we saw the rest of the story….

After tripling your tax return, imagine THEN doubling your income…

(It just keeps getting better and better.)

So enjoy this quote of Neville’s…

….as make a splash and dive deep into Jackie B’s Super Success Story!

“If your income had just been increased to say $30,000 a year from your present income of less than $10,000, how would you feel? How would your present circle of friends see you? Would they know it? Would they discuss it? Would they speak of the change in your life?” – Neville Goddard

Hey guys!

Things are going great.

Love your work!

So here I am on Session 29 of Manifesting Mastery and loving it! My desire is …wealth …true wealth …inner wealth and monetary wealth. Yahoo!

My accountant emailed me what my tax refund would be the other day, $1800.


I thought that would be great but Remembered When I got $6k a few years ago, so I thought, “Wish I got that”!

Left it and felt EXCITED about getting money

Feeling grateful for money. A day later my accountant email, he had made a mistake and realized one of my kids had gone on to college.

After he redid things he emailed me back I was not getting $1800 but $5911 back!

Soooooo grateful…sooooo grateful!

Im a single Mom getting on my feet.

I left my marriage 4 yrs ago with just $16 to my name. Everything is changing for me but especially my self worth…which is true wealth!

feel_it_real_quote_manifesting_money_neville_goddardMy job pays me $570 a week ($29744 a year). I got a call from an old friend and now am going to a job interview tomorrow.

The job would be $6k a month, that’s  $72k a yr with commission!  I’ll text you when I take it:-)

I have to tell you more but I have to run…love you guys!

Jackie B.

Day 29 in Manifesting Mastery!

PS: (Update just ONE day later!)

“I doubled my income!”

Just went a job interview where I was offered double what I bring home monthly! Yes I said double! Going to accept it!

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FTC DISCLOSURE: The FTC wants to make sure you know that this isn’t what happens to most people, most of the time. Which is probably because most people want to limit themselves to what the FTC says is possible. (Sounds like fun, doesn’t it. Letting 3 letters run your life.)


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Just posting this because they say we need to. Personally, I think most readers here know, what you get from feeling it real is entirely up to you. Your circumstances, effort, willingness to dive in and let the old you die etc – so that a new you and a new level of life can emerge – that’s pretty much common sense. But since we are sharing a success story, and R was so generous to give us numbers – we are doing what they want us to do. Moving on to what matters most!

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  1. yulanda says:

    Love it!great success story. I do my taxes today so i will aim for the same outcome.

  2. Stuarr says:

    FTC failure to create. Love u guys. My day is empty without your email. Your daily subjects are perfect. And my yorkie thinks your little guy is very handsome.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    You are a ROCKSTAR MATE!


  4. Nat says:

    Hooray! Go Jackie Go!

  5. Marilyn Rippee says:


  6. Cindy in NYC says:

    “Well, it’s a tough, uncertain economy”, “Things are expected to continue downhill for quite some time”..”Economic experts (!!) tell it’s all part of a coming trend”, “I wouldn’t do much spending – or investing, just now, if I were you..” yada yada yada.

    I have taken the digital detox three days a week now, where I simply do not read or watch the news. And guess what?? NOTHING BAD HAPPENED!!

    You don’t notice stuff like this until you just…stop..doing it..

    Talk about addiction to crap, huh?

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Cindy!

    I remember being in highshool in the 80s, reading all the paperback books, about the meltdown coming in the 90’s. Then I bought some older books, that said it was coming in the 80’s. Then there were the newspaper articles, that said it was coming in the 70’s.

    And of course, Y2K…..

    And the elder I knew, who bought into it all – NEVER LIVED THEIR LIVES.

    They stocked up on canned food, some gold and silver, and waited in terror.

    You know the drill….

    And here we are….

    Big love!