I Really Am I Different Person Now – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey mate,

We just LOVE when success stories just “ooze” all over the place. When things just start shifting EVERYWHERE in life, in the most lovely way.

This just shows that you are truly diving deeper and deeper, and getting that this truly is a way of life. We call it the Neville Goddard Lifestyle. Let’s dive in with Neville and Felicity, this is good, real good.

“This wonder working power is to be used for anything you desire. It now penetrates your brain, and it is wherever you are. I know that Barbados is in the outer world, but I also know that I am all imagination. I know that God is Man and exists in us and we in Him; that the eternal body of Man is the Imagination, and that is God Himself. So if I – imagination – enter into an image I desire to occupy, no earthly power can stop that image from becoming an objective fact.” – Neville Goddard

2015-09-19 07.49.10Hi TT, V and E,

It’s been a while since I have gotten in touch with you. It’s been a funny couple of weeks in a way. I have sat down to send you an email and every time I have deleted what I was typing. It’s kind of like “that’s not right anymore, because what I was like at the beginning of the week isn’t the same as now”. If that makes sense at all.

I have been doing the daily lessons and everything keeps getting better and better.

I’ve been having some challenges with my youngest son who is 15. Not normal teenage challenges bit more than than. Anyway one day I’d had enough of it. I was really upset with him and although at the time I couldn’t revise what had happened I ended up just sending him love and blessings. No matter what he did or said that’s all I did. Well he ended up apologising.

Now this is huge because he doesn’t say sorry. Since then I have been using revision and while things still are a little rocky at times there has been a huge change in him. Huge!

My daughter has just finished be NSW HSC, year 12 exams. She is very creative and really hoped to get a nomination for her Music Exam to perform at a HSC showcase – only 20 HSC students across NSW get chosen to perform. She didn’t and was quite upset. So I revised it. I really felt her giving me the good news that she got nominated.

Well last week she got news that her Design and Technology piece – a size adjustable Victorian costume has been nominated. Woo hoo. She is so excited and I just knew she would.

Many years ago I had a condition which is labelled as global hystericus. I couldn’t swallow anything including my own saliva. Anyway at times up until recently I would still have a few problems swallowing. Usually once a day.

I have just noticed that doesn’t happen at all anymore. This wasn’t something I was working on. It just happened. Now this is incredible and I really am a different person.

I’m following the lessons, feeling it real, listening and reading Neville as much as I can and everything is well just wonderful.

Lots more to tell but I have to go out now. Just didn’t want to miss a quick opportunity.

Love and blessings to you all
Felicity 🙂 from Manifesting Mastery
Day 71


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