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I lost 20 Kilos (That’s 44 pounds) and Found My Meaning!


Long time no email, I know you encouraged emailing with updates, during manifesting mastery, but, well, I have been absorbed a little too much in my future desires. 🙂

I am mailing you now to say thank you for Manifesting Mastery.

“There is GOLD in this course!”

As you say many a time, there is gold in this course, and all of it adds up. For me, the biggest takeaway has been the gradual shift in my way of life going forward.

For me at least, I find myself focusing on the day to day mental diet, and I am thinking very much about who I choose to be, and the big picture going forward. At the beginning it was all about the stuff. Now it is about…

Well, I am actually struggling to think of a way to put it into words.

There were ups and downs of course, times I got frustrated, and had to remind myself that it was all me, and adding meaning to things. 🙂 I kept going, and I am glad I did. I also browsed, and still do browse the Neville Goddard subreddit on occasion, because I am curious as to other people’s thoughts and discoveries. I am also aware of the discussions on Facebook, but I prefer to avoid facebook, as the harvesting of people’s personal data to make money is something I disagree with

“I am so THANKFUL for the shift that has taken place!”

I still feel like the student and only after a few months, I still have a lot to explore, mostly in myself, but I am so thankful for the shift that has taken place, and I feel so blessed to have been guided to Neville, and yourself.

I am also thankful for The Tools I have invested in…

… both financially and in terms of time. This year has been an amazing one for me. I started out with a desire to improve mind and body, with an idea of where I was going, but not 100% sure about how or where.

Now, I am 20kg lighter…

… (that’s 44 POUNDS) and have been absorbed in plans to make a mark in this beautiful world and society that I am blessed to be a part of.

So thank you once again. It has been a pleasure…

…hearing your voice, and starting my days with a bit more of Neville’s wisdom, and oh yes, spending much time in silence, and meditating on the many aspects of truely knowing one’s self. The wine is yet to be made, but it is a matter of when, not if.

I’d like to finish by sharing with you…

…what I feel is my meaning as I see it right now, and going forward.

“I desire to discover my true potential, and help to heal the world whilst doing so. This will be accomplished through the creation of music, and as an online entertainer.”

Anything is possible, anything at all.

Yours in love, and gratitude!
Luke Y. – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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