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I Kept My Drivers License – by Feeling It Real

Dear Mr TT and Victoria,

I really hope that you are both well. I am so happy and relieved to be writing to you today with this success story! As you were both aware I was nervous and concerned about a speeding ticket and having to go to court.

It should have just been a very simple matter of going to court, but as I was speeding in another jurisdiction to that where my driving licence is issued. I spoke with my solicitor and she didn’t have good news for me.

The police statements had said I was not just speeding but speeding at 30 miles over the limit on the road and I was driving dangerously, which was something I was going to be charged with and because of the police statements of my actions, there was no way she could get the charge down to careless driving.

She also said that the Judge that would be sitting in court on that day was not lenient in any way towards driving offences and a charge of dangerous driving is disqualification from driving for 12 months. I knew I was speeding but not 30 miles over the limit. I knew these things were untrue so after I hung up the phone, I revised the conversation with her.

TT AND V NOTE: Did you notice… Bernie didn’t wait. He did what we taught him to do in Manifesting Mastery. He IMMEDIATELY DOVE IN, and REVISED the conversation with her.

I imagined the outcome – quite elaborately at first and I think it was too much I just started imagining simply that I was driving my car home and sending you a success email. The click was when I turned on my car engine, which I kept doing and doing in my imagination.

I am going to be honest and I did find it hard as I kept feeling sick in my stomach when I noticed this sick feeling , I also noticed that I was thinking about not having my licence and losing my job because I wouldn’t be able to drive and having to get a bus etc…

At this point I would stop and do a session and believe it was going to be ok. I would also look at the message you sent me and believe it was going to work out 100% fine.

TT AND V NOTE:  Bernie is a doer.  When he started worrying – he STOPPED EVERYTHING – and did a session.  He still has his job, he still has his drivers license, and he is still DIVING IN and doing the lessons in Manifesting Mastery – and totally transforming his life.

Yesterday when I went to court i had to get my sister to drive me just in case… but I refused to believe she was going for any other reason to support me – I had refused to talk to her about it in the last month as I didn’t want to hear anything negative to distract me from my inner conversations.

When I met my solicitor, she told me that the regular judge, Mr King was not starting his leave until next week and I could have sang. I got goosebumps and a relief in my stomach. I believed it was going to be ok – now I don’t know this judge or what was going to happen but I just thought step 1 done!

The solicitor only got the police statements that morning and reading through them she said there are a few discrepancies here – things that you weren’t questioned about and we need to speak with the prosecutor and the judge about. I was shaking I couldn’t believe it… really it was happening like magic. What imagined, was was what she was saying.

TT AND V NOTE:  This is HOW WE DO IT.   Use the Feel It Real methods.   Don’t add in ANYTHING.  Discover the power of you and GET THE RESULTS you want.  Good job Bernie!

We had to wait for quite along time before there was a break and the solicitor could speak to the judge and during this again I refused to be drawn into conversations about it with my sister , I did a session there just in the waiting area outside the courtroom and when I opened my eyes there were 3 people staring at me and my sister said you looked so happy then.

The solicitor returned and she had a picture that the prosecutor had, from the speed camera which was me doing 75 miles in a 70 zone- I was dumbfounded, actually couldn’t speak. It was what I imagined – the solicitor told me there was nothing from the speed camera.

When we were called in the case was put forward and the judge spoke and I was given 3 points and a fine for speeding – no charge of dangerous driving.  Just speeding and I admit I was driving too fast and I have not been anywhere near the speed limit since this happened to me.

I believe I manifested this drama for a reason though, maybe to be more careful on the road.. I drive a lot for work as well as see family.

TT and V:  Very insightful mate.   You gave yourself a warning, a gift of love.   Good on you for noticing – you set all this in motion – and you gave yourself a break too.  Good job!

My last part is happening now when I imagined sending this email. I couldn’t send it last night as I fell fast asleep for the first time in a month since this happened!!

TT AND V NOTE:  We often tell MM members, use us for  your Congratulatory Conversations.   Imagine doing great in the course, having successes and sending them to use to share with the world.   That makes it so much fun, and it blesses everyone.  Thank you Bernie!

Thank you , thank you, thank you both for this amazing gift of understanding that you have given me. I am so happy today but still in shock that things I revised wishing had happened actually did happen in reality- flabbergasted- that was a word I imagined sending you in my email and I truly am. I am still learning but I am excited about what else I can achieve with this.

You are both an inspiration and I am so happy and grateful to have found your website.

Forever in your debt
A relieved and happy Bernie in Manifesting Mastery
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