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I Have Too Much Money Success Story – Neville Goddard

Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty.

freenevilleweavetapesteryI have been studying Florence Scovill Shinn, Ernest Holmes etc. for about a year. Although I thought I was doing all the ‘right thought’ practices, nothing I ever tried manifested. I found some Neville Goddard sermons on youtube and I was hooked.

I realized what I had been doing wrong and was working on fixing my thought process. In researching Neville Goddard, I found your website last week and purchased from your video on love.

That same day I received a notice in the mail that I owed $850 on my condo taxes. I quickly visualized the taxes being paid as I knew I would pay them whether I scrimped and saved or by some invisible magic they would be paid.

Today I deposited a check in my bank account and when I received the receipt with my bank balance, I thought “I have too much money”. I looked at my deposits and had received an $850.00 deposit from a tour company that I work for as a bonus.

I knew I was getting a bonus, but I had no idea how much or when I would receive it! Woohoo!

What was different about my ‘feel it real’ was an absolute knowing, and I let it go. I did not dwell on the thought nor did I know where the money would come from. Now to work on ‘inviting’ that man into my life whom I have been daydreaming about for over a year. This works! I’m so happy!

Leah M.

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  1. V says:

    Great share Leah! thank you. Its just wanted I needed to hear. Been revising a phone conversation and been disproportionately upset because the conversation didn’t go exactly like it did in my session. My favorite sentence in your story was “I knew I would pay them whether I scrimped and saved or by some invisible magic they would be paid.”

  2. LMARIE says:

    Fantastic! I am in the midst of an unfolding that is confirming all of this to ME and introducing everything to a friend. She had a series of huge, financially devastating circumstances at her new house. Roof, plumbing, electric – she had all come down on her at once. She was not treated honestly by the seller.
    I decided to step in, ask all my friends to help, and just pay for it all: I did not have enough money for this several thousand extra required…but I saw it done.
    Today is just day one, but already I have arrived and made her peaceful, keep telling her to relax, it is all unfolding… everything will get paid. And although we had a series of odd ups and downs in the day – she watched as unsolicited I received 1000 from a source I was not expecting (A delayed payment) and even one of my clients today, when I told the story of just stopping and helping my friend, sent me 500 in paypal – for her.
    She wept: a string of people who knew me have reached out to help her – and…there seems to be enough money to make this happen.
    As I share this with her, I tell her I am focusing on the outcome. On the result I want: Imagining us all together next week, after the plumbing and bathroom is all done.. having a party in our bathrobes. Cheering the joy of a job well done.
    And therefore…all things are lining up, I do not know the how but I am gaining much traction in the why! of my life.

    Revision – looking anew at everything that is not quite as I wish it to be…makes the changes within the day itself.
    This is a great truth to live by, and making it my habit has made me a very powerful, positive woman!
    Thank you Neville and thank you TT and V