I Had To Move All The Sudden – Feeling It Real Works – Neville Goddard Success Story

“The difference between FEELING yourself in action, here and now, and visualizing yourself in action, as though you were on a motion-picture screen, is the difference between success and failure. The difference will be appreciated if you will now visualize yourself (your body) climbing a ladder. Then, with eyelids closed imagine that a ladder is right in front of you and FEEL yourself actually climbing it.” – Neville Goddard

Dream Like God - Free Neville Goddard LecturesHey TT and V,

So, there are some who say this can’t work. I am in a weird situation as the house I live in just sold and I have to move in 1.5 weeks. My daughter just bought a new Townhouse so her Ideal is fulfilled.

In my meditation I visualized exactly where I would be moving too! I saw 2.5 acres of land with an ideal setting, house, cabin, animal barn, etc. It was “very clear in my mind and I FELT myself walkng around the place in full detail, even bird chirps”

TT and V Power Point:  Notice that Paul didn’t just “see” what he wanted, he did what Neville teaches.  Paul FELT himself walking around the place in full detail.  Feeling-Is-The-Secret.  Paul is Following-The-Formula

That was a week ago. I placed an ad two days ago. Today a man sent me pictures of the place he has. BELIEVE ME it is the exact same place I was walking around in last week. THIS IS TOTALLY MIND BLOWING. TOTALLY!

Paul Randolph Rattray

PS: In addition, (my new landlord) offered me $15 an hour for helping with the renovations and, there is a huge room he wants to have available for spiritual talks and meetings.! Basically I am speechless at this point! But, I can say a few more words on this. The rent is $400 and that includes internet, heat, power and water. (shakes his head and wanders off into the land of “All my needs and wants ARE Fulfilled!”)

Paul has been working with us since January, and has proven to himself that this stuff works – by Following-The-Formula.   Stop doing everything else.  Stop watering down what works and dive in Dive Deep.  Make Your Dreams Your Reality.

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