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I Got The Job! (And a BIG PAY RAISE!)


Hey mate,

Today, Felicity shares with us how she got EXACTLY the job she wanted, with a whopping 45% pay raise – after being let go when her old company relocated “out of the blue”. This is the kind of success story we love – because success leaves clues. Let’s dive in with Neville

“Although the urge seems big, do not wait to adjust to it. Claim possession now and let it objectify itself in its own strange way. Do not say it will take six months or a year.”

“The minute desire comes upon you, assume it is already a fact! You and you alone have given your desire a time interval and time is relative when it comes to this world. Do not wait for anything to come to pass, accept it now as though it were and see what happens.” – Neville Goddard

Hi TT and V,

Around 5 weeks ago….

…I posted how the company I was working for was moving to the other side of Sydney, Australia and I didnt want to go.

I also said that I was redoing Manifesting Mastery and how it was helping me. And so I started applying for new jobs. About a week later after my post, the company I was working for retrenched me.

TT and V note: Notice what’s happening here. Felicity is doing two things. She IS listening – to her urge – to dive deeper into Manifesting Mastery, and she is NOT settling for what “life has to offer” her. Notice she makes DECISIONS and she keeps diving deeper.

One of the jobs I had already applied for…

…really struck my interest. I also decided on the income I wanted, which was a 45% increase on the income I was previously receiving as well as being more than what the company was offering.

I got my first interview…

….with the HR company the day after I was retrenched. They told me I might not get the money I wanted. And then I heard nothing until mid last week when I got an interview with the company itself.

TT and V note: Manifesting Mastery is a 90 day members only adventure.  Each day gives you a little tiny seeming exercise, that changes your word – through experience.  Notice how confident Felicity remained – and how she stayed in her state. That was easy – because she had the experiences – to make it easy.

I did it!

This afternoon, nearly 6 weeks after I applied for the job, I received confirmation that I was successful AND they will be paying me the exact amount I asked for.

TT and V note: Back when we designed Manifesting Mastery – we imagined ONE THING – getting YOUR emails – and reading YOUR success stories. And now, we’ve had way more than we can count from members – and we have published hundreds for you to enjoy on the site. We want yours to be next.

This experience has helped me…

…about knowing what I want and really what living in the end means. Other jobs I had applied for asked me to come for an interview and then would cancel. And I didnt want to work for them anyway.

TT and V note: The power of honesty!  At some point in the middle of the lessons – members start discovering a whole new level of HONESTY – and POWER. If Felicity wasn’t HONEST, that she didn’t want THOSE jobs, she might have become discouraged. Instead, she know what to do – experientially – so she would walk in POWER – and get EXACTLY what she wanted.

During the 5 and a bit weeks I simply kept applying the tools.

Revision, Congratulatory Conversations, I Remember When as well as the “I am” meditation which I found particular helpful when I was irritated that they were taking so long. And these 5 weeks gave me lots of time for other things I was having trouble finding time to do.

Blessings to all!

Felicity in Manifesting Mastery

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Manifesting Mastery is that 90 Day adventure, that has given you HUNDREDS of success stories here to read, and to imagine are YOURS too.

Do that now, imagine THIS success story too – is yours. Feel it Real – Do it NOW and ROCK YOUR WORLD!


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