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I Got My Tickets Too – Richard’s Manifesting Mastery Success Stories Continue!

Hey TT, V and the Pups!

I’m imagining this email finds you happy and well. I just wanted to share another recent win I had.

TT and V note:  Imagine our lives.  Every  morning, we answer emails – some asking for help – others sharing success stories – and others giving us their update of the week in Manifesting Mastery.  And as we wake up – listening to the lovely Australian birdsong…  We get to read – what you are about to read.  Another win – from someone who’s become FAMILY to us.  Let’s dive in.

In the place where I work they used to give all sorts of incentives for performance like gift cards and movie tickets but they decided to change their policy due to how tax laws affect those rewards. So they gave a deadline as to when we could redeem our rewards.

“I wanted a couple of movie tickets and I asked my supervisor if I could redeem them. I was afraid that due to everyone cashing in their rewards there wouldn’t be any free movie tickets left.”

I waited for my boss to get back to me regarding the tickets but due to some emergencies at the workplace she became too busy and I didn’t want to be rude trying to remind her about movie tickets while she was putting out fires left and right.The deadline was looming closer and still no movie tickets for me. The free movies in themselves were not that big a deal.

“What really bothered me is that I was feeling my manifesting skills were starting to fail and a dark sense of doubt began creeping into my gut telling me that I might have forever lost my manifesting mojo. Which of course, is stupid, but you know how head stuff and emotions can get to you.”

I decided to get BACK TO BASICS (Week 5 in MM)  and just started to feel the movie tickets in my hand. No matter what doubts I felt I just kept going back to the feel of the tickets in my hand and the feeling of how great it would be to take my wife on a date.

I kept going back again and again seeing and feeling those tickets until one day….boom!….

“I felt a sense that it was done. The 18 inch journey was complete. Neville says we have to persist in the state until it becomes natural. It was real no matter what my senses told me. Then I let it go. I just assumed that one way or another I was getting those tickets. I didn’t bother about the how.”

Then a day before the deadline my supervisor comes over to my desk and hands me the movie tickets. No matter how many times I manifest that moment where the Shadow world catches up with consciousness is always a miracle to behold.

I grinned like a fool as I held the tickets in my hand. The same way I held them in all my numerous imaginal acts.

Yep, I still got it. 🙂

Love and blessings to you all!

Richard D. Manifesting Mastery Graduate – Sept 2015 – Member of Manifesting to the Max

P.S. Included a pic of the tickets just for some extra fun.

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TT AND V NOTE:  Richard made our day, because THIS is what Manifesting Mastery is all about.   This is why we do what we do.  DAILY WINS!  The tiny little daily Member’s Only recording and lesson not only gives you what you NEED NEXT to Master Manifesting – but it TRAINS YOU to be a SYSTEMIZED DAILY DOER – not someone who plays with this – and hopes they get it right.  Thank you Richard for diving in mate, and continuing to play and DIVE DEEPER.  Such good fun!  This is what makes our day and what makes the world go round!

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