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Recently, Victoria and I were answering questions, emailed to us by a lovely member of the community, Sav.   As you know, we love answering questions, and that is also where many of our articles come from too.  But there are times where we notice, it’s time to speed things up, and that emailing back and forth and suggesting articles to read – is just going to take forever – and delay what’s being manifested.

So we asked Sav in an email, “Do you have the Feel It Real PowerPack?”   (She didn’t yet.)  And we shared with her, “At some point, take the plunge.   We put the packs together to make learning and implementation much faster and more effective.”

Sometimes, when we share like that – we get some resistance.   But often when you read that diving in will make a difference, you know that it just makes sense, that it’s time, because if we emailed back and forth for a few months – the learning would be very slow, and the results would take that much longer.

Today, just a few days after diving in to the Feel It Real Power Pack, Sav sent us this success story.   Let’s dive in and see what we can learn from her success today.

“You must so want it (your ideal, so much) that you are willing to remain faithful to your change in position. You cannot assume you have your desire for one little moment and then return to your former state, for if you do you are a double-minded man and will not receive anything from the Lord.” – Neville Goddard

stonesHi Mr. 2020!

I’ve come to let you know that so far Feeling it Real has done me wonders!

Recently, I switched colleges last minute because of personal reasons and because I was registering so late, the board of the school had to decide whether I can go to school or send me away. When I found this out, this was before I bought the Feel It Real Power Pack  so I was just telling myself “You’ll get in.” instead of “I attend this school.” I was always putting it in the future.

TT and V note: Did you notice, Sav mentioned she fixed a common mistake – one that keeps your blessings in the future – after getting the pack.  Now notice what happens – and how fast she gets results – after Sav starts Following The Formula. – This is why getting it just right matters and makes a huge difference.

So after Following the Formula, I applied that I’m registered for school and used congratulatory scenes in my sessions. Well today I got a call from the admission people of the school.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realI was put on hold, but while I was on hold, I did a session of myself showing my grandfather my student ID and he is congratulating me while hugging me and I felt like I was accepted afterwards. When the head admission person returned on the phone, he said “Sav, you are in!”

TT and V note:  Notice what Sav did, even while on the phone – waiting.  She INVESTED in imagining what she wanted.  (This is when many people would lose it, and worry.   Don’t do that.   Do what Neville says and INVEST YOUR IMAGINAL ACT.)

“There was only a slight chance of your acceptance so consider yourself lucky!” and I was jumping with excitement. Thank you for making me take the plunge! I can’t wait to share my other success stories!


PS: you’re welcome to share this 🙂

Did you notice the shifts Sav made in what she was doing? She was making a common mistake (that she mentioned) and not fully following the formula – but all that changed once she dove into the pack.  That’s why we love what we do, and that’s why we love sharing your success stories.  Dive in and get the Feel It Real Power Pack – Click Here

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  1. R says:

    congratz Sav!!! i love that you didn’t even miss a beat whilst on hold with admissions & did a session right there and then. no wasted moments guaranteed your successful ideal moments. good on you and best wishes at school.

    blessings, R 🙂