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I Found My Special…. Free Neville Goddard Success Story

Hello TT and Victoria

Not sure if you remember me from facebook…have taken a break from there.

Hope you’re both well 🙂

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your great website and all the good work and support you guys give everyone.

As you may remember I’m a big Neville fan…and his technique has worked for me over and over again in my life. I use it often to help my family and friends…whether they know it or not…the end result of seeing them happy and problem-free is all that matters to me.

I wanted to share with you my most recent unbelievable success story as it was your lovely daily reminder that really paved the way…so here’s what happened…

A week or so ago I went to spend the afternoon at the spa…to do the full works and really get pampered…this is a huge spa with several floors and dozens of treatment rooms. For the past several years I have worn a beautiful, heavy, silver anklet my father had bought me from Rajasthan before he passed away…I never take it off, it has such an emotional value for me plus I just love the way it feels on me.

Well that day I could see that the lady giving me the massage was having difficulty with it so I asked her if it would be easier for her if took it off…it’s a chunky piece of silver but it has a very peculiar little silver screw which holds the whole thing together on the ankle…so I took off and put it on the side table.

After the massage I did other treatments and forgot about the anklet. I spent a few hours in there and then as I was leaving and getting into my car I suddenly realised that I’d forgotten it so I popped back inside only to find that the lady had kindly wrapped it in a tissue for me knowing that I’d come back for it. Well noticing that it was still a bit oily from the massage before she gave it to me she cupped it in her hand and held it under the sink to wash the oil off it before she handed back to me…which when she did I realized to my horror that the strange little screw was missing.

We spent the next half an hour frantically retracing our steps searching for it…though I think we both knew that it had probably fallen into the sink and had most likely been washed down with the flow of the water. I was so upset…I was angry at myself for how careless I had been. I was gutted.

When I got home I opened my email and saw your lesson called, “Will I ever find it?” I couldn’t believe my eyes…what perfect timing…and what a beautiful lesson…the words. ‘“Nothing is lost in all my holy mountain,” sayeth the Lord, for if it isn’t lost it is scattered now in Israel. Prove that it isn’t lost. What is it that you have lost?’ just gave me back all my faith…and I lay down closed my eyes and imagined.

I imagined my sister calling me saying, “I was at the spa today and guess what they found the screw for your anklet!” I just kept hearing her say that over and over again…then I imagined how it felt on my ankle…the smooth, cool block of silver as I walked…I did this for about half an hour and took a short nap. In the next couple of days every time it would cross my mind I’d simply close my eyes and ‘feel’ the feeling of wearing it.

It’s been a week or so now and I haven’t even thought of it…I forgot all about it…and this afternoon my sister calls me and guess what she says…yep, “I was at the spa today and guess what they found the screw for your anklet!” Please remember this is a small very, very oddly shaped little screw…lost in one of the twenty sinks of a huge, busy spa…I really don’t know how or where they found it, but nothing is impossible to God…I just had to keep knowing and believing that. ‘Noting is lost in all my holy mountain.’ Thank you so much for your beautiful post…it was a confirmation from the universe at the exact, precise moment needed.

Many thanks and blessings and love to you both 🙂

H. H.

Ps. Please feel free to share my story with your readers if you would like 🙂

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  1. Harsha says:

    Nice! Nothing is ever lost or found or gained ( 🙂 except the first hand creative experience 🙂 ). It’s all a kind of dream anyway and you are the dreamer of all of it. It is all good. Great story!!!