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I Finally Found What I Was Searching For – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

What would happen – if you finally found what you’ve been searching for. How many ways would your life change? How much more could you discover in each and every moment. Today we received this letter from Bob, and we are absolutely certain he will be sending us plenty more – because this is the stuff that makes all your dreams come true. Notice how when you read his letter – the peace he feels – is so easy to feel.  Let’s dive in:

“Tomorrow you may be carried away with the news of the day. Although it may be very exciting, it is not important. What someone did, does not matter, and the reason it was done should not interest you. Rather you should be interested in the collective sayings of the wise, all found in scripture and given to you by one Shepherd. Dwell upon the words recorded there and try to find out what is being said.” – Neville Goddard

purpleHi Mr TT & Victoria:

About a year ago my wife and I gave up listening to the news on the radio & watching the evening reports. Result, we immediately felt better.

However on day 7 or so of Manifesting Mastery, I realized that I have not given up the news at all. The national & local news sites were still my home pages whenever I booted up one of my 3 computers. So I got my fill that I would then talk to my wife about as I drove her to work. I would be first up and check my tablet while I waited for the coffee.

This only occurred after your lessons of noticing feelings and sensations, and the difference.

I also notice that I always been involved in the psychobabble of having to analyse the reasons behind everything that I do or don’t do. I used to be in the counselling business for 35+ years. That level of self-discussion could at times become interminable. Going on and on. I found journaling helped. been doing it for the last 45 years. Now I’m not so sure, and possibly it’s because of what I write about, and the state that I’m in when I write. Completely different feelings when I am upbeat and enthusiastic vs self-recriminating.

My wife and I have been studying the Science of Mind and the like since 1984.  A few years ago I discovered Neville Goddard on the web. Your site came up for me about a year ago. so I picked up the Prosperity Pack. That’s when I started feeling a difference in how and what I was focusing on.

All of my life I have been blessed with a sense of knowing the truth about something or someone. It took some time to trust this in me but it is beyond a point of any discussion or doubt.

Your steps to help change lives are so right on the mark. When I found your site and started listening and reading, I knew what I had discovered. I am delighted to be here.


Bob Flowers

Good on you Bob! That’s exactly why we designed the course the way we did. It invites us home, it wakes us up, it helps us notice what we’ve been missing. The peace and pleasure you are feeling are so obvious when reading your letter, we look forward to sharing the rest of the 90 days with you. Imagine where you’ll be then and what you will have done. Big blessings to you and yours!

TT and V

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