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I am Pregnant – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hi TTand V, Just want you to know the strategies you gave for pregnancy worked! I have shared Neville with my daughter many times and the things that one may do to acquire your wish fulfilled. She was successful training horses (in a barn that she wanted to be at) just by imagining she had the job, when riding with her friend in Oklahoma. She knows this stuff works and when she said to me she couldn’t get pregnant with a second child I told her that was crazy. She’s proved she can have babies already because she’s had one. “Oh but mom, this is different, we’ve tried for over a year. I am even going to the Dr,s to see what’s wrong.”

TT AND V NOTE: Notice the temptation to make being pregnant “different”. And the temptation to go to the doctor’s and see what’s wrong.  (A common mistake when something is “important”.)

I said look , for a year you have told me you weren’t certain about having another because of the cost and not wanting to add stress financially. “Oh mom, that has nothing to do with it.” I told her it most certainly does.

TT AND V NOTE:   Besides not Feeling It Real correctly, this one is one of the biggest reasons people don’t get success.   If you dilute your desired state (pregancy) with “mental reasons and worries” you won’t get pregnant – you won’t have your dreams come true.   (And if you do – it’s gonna be full of your stresses -your reasons – your worries.)

I said if you want a baby, have a baby, but be certain this is what you want. Smell baby powder, hold friends babies, choose names, imagine yours is already here. She is now 4 months pregnant and all is going well.

When she first told me I asked her if she did the baby powder smelling routine. She replied “yep I did” everyday until I was pregnant. I think it took a whole week! Another success for the books! The best thing of all is that she sees how powerful the mind is and that she can have control over her life, regardless of the situation. Yea Neville and 2020! Much Love, Judy

Want results in your life like this?   Join us in Manifesting Mastery – Stop Sitting On the Fence – Click Here “Thank you Judy for diving in and doing what it takes. Stories like this touch our hearts, because they really show how important it is to stick with the principles and the program. A new little bubby is coming to earth, getting to be blessed by you and your family and these lovely teachings. Good on you for keeping it real and Feeling it Real. Big love to you!”

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  1. RHONYC says:

    your timing is always superb TT!

    me & Mr. R recently decided after 8 yrs together to add bubbies to the equation in the next 24 mths.

    it’s like Neville says…you have to let go of the ‘old man’ and live as the ‘new man’ disregarding past experiences and believing wholeheartedly that the wish is fulfilled. which as a gal in my early 40s i ‘must’ do. to disregard what the medical community has stated about women my age having bubbies (which btw, there is one already a junior in college, lol).

    i already have the names and everything and stay steadfast in our wish fulfilled.

    thanx as always to you & V! 🙂

  2. lm says:

    Fabulous – I love the way you break down the success story.
    Funny, the title in the email I got…. Success! I’m Pregnant…well, I wasn’t sure it was going to be for me! ha haha!
    Excellent, and I really, really love the breakdown and clarification and the support you give us out here when we write you about our lives.