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“I am a Totally Different Person Now!” – Jay’s Testimonial

feel it real - live boldyHi guys!

Hope you are having a blast, and a fantastic day!

I took longer with these lessons in the middle of my thesis, well… that week was so intense in remembering everything, I believe that everything is just so connected, and that each lesson contributes and makes it more sound, the previous one I mean.

First the storytelling (lesson), oh did I have fun with this one!!

Yeap! a lot, hahaha it is just so easy, it’s like being a child again, we forget this, it comes so natural! and then bam! we start questioning everything, this is also related with “the sense of reality” that everyone teaches us. I remembered that, in general my parents were very good at telling us that we could be whatever we wanted, I even remembered my father telling me “think of the infinite possibilities, always, don’t close your mind”, and he had a lot of wisdom.

This week I need to repeat it soon!

I really feel it, and I also wondered about giving feedback, at the office, for example, they say “you always need to start with something positive, then you talk about the opportunities”, how do you think, if we apply BUT… to this.

And the way we express things…

… it was amazing but… SO TRUE!!! I started changing it, and it feels so different, it’s like giving another possibility to everything, like, making something better I don’t know how to explain it…

I am going deeper and deeper…

…and I can tell I am a totally different person from the day one I started, can’t believe is already the last week, I am so grateful, really guys, you’ve helped me safe my life by making me remember who I really am.

Have lots of blessings, thanks so so much!!!


Jay – Day 77 in Manifesting Mastery

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