I Always Wanted To Be An Actress – Neville Goddard Success Story

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We love success stories, especially the ones that really are big time dreams come true. Notice in Judyth’s share today, how she stayed true to her dreams, and notice how she not only “got the part” but got a part written into the play – JUST FOR HER.

This stuff works WONDERFULLY, all you have to do is Dive-Deep and Follow-The-Formula. Let’s dive in:

“Now, if you keep this law, you don’t have to broadcast what you want; you simply assume that you have it, for – although your reasonable mind and outer senses deny it – if you persist in your assumption your desire will become your reality. There is no limit to your power of belief, and all things are possible to him who believes. Just imagine what an enormous power that is. You don’t have to be nice, good, or wise, for anything is possible to you when you believe that what you are imagining is true. That is the way to success.” – Neville Goddard

Dear TT and V,

When I was 19 I told my parents I wanted to be an actress. My life changed for the better ever since. It was what I wanted to do my whole life, but I was afraid of being judged because of where I came from. I grew up in a town with one red light where everyone is very conservative and small minded. Things like wanting to be a musician, artist, or pursue a career of acting is almost completely unheard of. People just don’t DO that there.

deskquoteIf a girl goes to college( which is not likely) it’s usually for nursing or cosmetology. Not knocking either one of those jobs( my mother is an incredible nurse). However, the idea of living a routine life where you do the same thing every single day always sent shivers down my spine. That kind of lifestyle just does not fit my free spirit. So one day I finally just stopped caring what people think or what my mother would say.

Fast forward 2 years.

I have one more year of college and I will have a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre. This current summer I’m finding as much work as I can particularly in film (what I want to do). The other day I went to an audition for a play. Before the audition I imagined that the part was already mine. I felt the joy of being told I had the part. That was May the 18th. An hour ago I got an email saying I got cast! And get this. There actually wasn’t really a part that fit me ideally so the director(who is also the playwright) is writing in a part just for me!!

All thanks to God (my divine imagination)

Thank you for all that you do!

-Judyth Daley – Day 23 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Alexander says:

    Amazing! Brilliant! Keep following the formula, achieve! 😀

  2. Christophe says:

    Sweet! Better learn young and save oneself years of trouble and confusion.

  3. Nat says:

    Good on you! Congrats for achieving this insight so early in your career (which I imagine as fantastic).